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Turn on the news and you hear stories proclaiming the decriminalization of marijuana across the nation. With all this publicity, it is often difficult to remember that marijuana has some severe consequences related to it. By being permissive to marijuana usage, we are doing ourselves and loved ones a disservice.

Let’s take a look at how destructive marijuana usage really is.

Statistics about Marijuana

In today’s young people, marijuana usage is rampant. Over 40% of people that enter rehab for an addiction to weed are under the age of 21. That number jumps up to 55% when you include ages 24 and under. This proves the importance of discussing the dangers of marijuana with our younger generation.

On top of this, chronic marijuana usage combined with higher dosages are a major concern as the potency increases. Over the last two years, the potency level has risen from 3% THC to 9%. Some samples that were taken measured up to 25%. These strains have been grown hydroponically and are smuggled from Canada. These also come with a higher price tag than your typical commercial grade weed from Mexico.

Ways Marijuana Use is Damaging

The likelihood that you will overdose on marijuana is not something to worry about. While marijuana isn’t deadly in the sense of other drugs, there are still some serious risks. Some of these can lead to death, so it is important to educate yourself and loved ones.

Distorted Thinking

The immediate concern with marijuana usage is a distortion of thinking. It quickly causes difficulty in thinking, reacting or problem-solving. There is also a significant impairment in learning capability and memory.

Your coordination also suffers from using weed. When you are on the road, the lack of coordination and judgment of time can have disastrous effects. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana usages doubles the risk of being in an accident.

Unfortunately, some of the symptoms don’t go away once you stop smoking. A few of these difficulties can occur for up to four weeks after your last drug use.

Damage to the Lungs

Just like tobacco does, marijuana that is smoked has the potential to irritate the lungs. In fact, studies have shown that smoking one joint is the equivalent of 20 cigarettes when talking about lung damage. This leads to chronic coughs and lung infections.

Whether or not it increases the risk of cancer is still up in the air with some sides saying yes and others saying no.

Damage to Your Heart

It is common to see an elevated blood pressure reading after smoking weed. Not only that, but the heart rate can also double. These effects wear on your heart over time and could lead to a heart attack in the future.

In fact, studies are suggesting using marijuana increases your heart attack risk, especially in the first hour after you’ve used. Weed has also been linked to cannabis arteritis. This is an arterial disease that results in amputation.

Messing with the Brain

Marijuana usage disrupts the way your brain sends messages. It’s the equivalent to putting a block between two circuits and expecting them to communicate. While this might not be a life-threatening issue, it causes significant concerns especially in teens and young adults.

Learning new things and remembering older knowledge becomes difficult. New studies are showing that marijuana usage which begins in the adolescent years can drop the IQ up to 8 points.

Mood Concerns

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana usage is linked to anxiety, depression and sometimes suicidal tendencies. When used in higher doses, the drug has been known to lead people to hallucinate or have dangerous bouts of paranoia.

If this occurs in someone that already has schizophrenia, the risks are intense.

Drug Contaminants

Just because weed has been legalized in some areas, doesn’t mean that the manufacturing of it is safe. There are few regulations regarding the growth of marijuana and many negative aspects are ending up in weed.

Marijuana can actually be quite dirty. When tested, many legal marijuana suppliers had bacteria or fungi growing in the product. It’s unclear if this is dangerous or not, but it isn’t something you want in your body.

Most people aren’t interested in being the guinea pigs to find out how much of these contaminants are actually harmful.

Other aspects in marijuana are clearly dangerous. In fact, in some forms of weed that boasts THC levels of more than 90%, compounds such as butane are used to strip the plant of anything which isn’t THC. This is done to offer the user a potent concentrate, but it is quite dangerous.

In addition, marijuana plants are testing positive for heavy metals and pesticides due to the lack of regulation. These are just more of the substances you ingest that aren’t meant to be in your body.

In the worst case scenario, weed is being laced with other street drugs to heighten the effect. Many times users will have no idea that there are additional drugs which could easily lead to overdose. Some drugs include heroin, LSD and cocaine.


The concept of dabbing is becoming more popular, but you are ingesting a high level of concentrate in comparison to what would be smoked. Much of the plant material is removed and you are left with up to 80% of active ingredients. It’s like drinking grain alcohol.

The effects of dabbing are immediate and extremely intense. Recently, there has been an increase in 911 calls about cannabis overdoses in relation to dabbing. People are passing out due to the high concentrations of cannabis.

While it might not kill you directly, there is one record of a man dying because he passed out and hit his head on the floor.

Aside from the Deadly Consequences

Health consequences and the effects on the brain are just a fraction of issues stemming from marijuana usage. Heavy users tend to suffer great losses in the social life as they withdraw from others. There are also higher instances of the work-life suffering as a result of weed.

Overtime, work status, cognitive ability, achievement of goals and school life all tend to suffer for the user.

Aside from the glamorous appeal of the legalization of marijuana, our families and children are at risk. Young people are not being informed about the severe dangers to our society as a result of using marijuana. By comparing this drug to medical treatments, we imply that it is harmless and will not hurt us.

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Addiction to marijuana is as real as any other addiction. If you or a loved one is suffering the consequences of addiction, it is time to seek help. With the right treatment plan and support, it is possible to free yourself from the devastating effects of marijuana.

For 45 years, Clearbrook Treatment Centers has been providing effective treatment solutions to the suffering individual. If you are in need of help, we can offer you a new way of life.

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