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Alcohol has been a common commodity for the longest time in recorded history, and it is viewed by many as a harmless beverage that can do no more than make someone tipsy and potentially forget what they did that night the morning after. But we all know that too much of anything is dangerous. So how much is too much? And what are the signs that someone is an alcoholic and needs rehabilitation?


Tell-tale Sign #1: The Miscommunication Station

When communication in a relationship has been non-existent or pointless due to someone’s intoxication, chances are that person is an alcoholic and there may be a need for intervention. Heavy drinkers usually encounter problems and misunderstandings with their loved ones because they tend to think, say and do things they wouldn’t have had they been sober. When every time you try to speak with your loved one he or she smells like nine bottles of beer and cannot even look you straight in the eye, it’s time to seek help from the pros.

Tell-tale Sign #2: The Ignorant Tolerance

It can be hard to tell if someone is drinking too much. But if you remember someone who used to get that alcohol buzz from just two drinks but now requires five to six drinks to achieve that same level of “tipsy”, then he or she is becoming tolerant. And high tolerance in alcohol is a dangerous thing. The more you consume alcohol, the more your body tolerates it. So when you are highly tolerant, it’s like you are consuming twice or thrice the amount of alcohol to achieve that same old level of buzz you used to get with only a drink or two. And this can deal serious damage to the body.

Tell-tale Sign #3: The Altered Lifestyle

When someone you know is constantly missing school or work due to heavy or constant drinking, and cannot function well in a social setting anymore, it’s time to look into that person’s alcohol consumption to see if alcohol rehabilitation is needed. Yes, functional alcoholics exist, but do we really need to wait for someone to become so alcoholic that he or she ends up unemployed, uneducated and un-helped? Prevention is still better than cure.

Tell-tale Sign #4: The One Who Blacks Out

Blackouts are definitely a strong sign that someone needs rehab. If you know someone who doesn’t stop drinking until they completely blackout, and he or she has long-term memory loss for hours, days or weeks at a time, then that person needs rehabilitation. Binge drinking is common, and a lot of people do it. But if someone never learns something from a blackout experience and doesn’t adjust his or her behavior when drinking, that’s when help should come in.

Tell-tale Sign #5: The Physical and Psychological Signs

Disturbing changes in appetite, sleeping patterns, hygiene and a couple of blood shot eyes are the most common side effects of alcoholism. But there are also the psychological signs that we need to look into – mood swings, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and lack of motivation. When your loved one is undergoing any of these due to drinking, it’s time to contact a treatment facility specific for alcoholics.



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