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Clearbrook’s Dormitory and Sleeping Quarters

After our patients have been detoxed and medically cleared by our nursing staff you are moved into the dorm building for the remainder of your stay with us.  With the help of the facilities staff you will gather your belongings and be shown your new room.  All of our rooms have only two people that occupy the room.  The rooms also have their own private bathrooms with showers.  Our housekeeping staff is among the hardest working group that we have.  They work tirelessly every day in the dorm building.  Every day after breakfast the staff begins to clean the building from top to bottom.  Every room is vacuumed, dusted, and disinfected.  Every bathroom is scrubbed from the floor, toilets, sink, and shower.  Any time one of our patients needs anything pertaining to their room all they have to do is ask one of our facilities staff.   Clean linens and towels can be requested at any time.  We want our patients to be comfortable and anything that we can do to make that happen we will do.

GOD Room

The “GOD Room” as we call it at Clearbrook was built as a group therapy room.  It is located at the end of the dorm building that displays a tranquil, peaceful view of the Wyoming Valley.  You can’t help but have a sense of calm and hope as you look at the windows of the beautiful settings that Clearbrook provides.

At Clearbrook the number one priority for us is our patient’s safety closely followed by everyone being comfortable.  During your stay with us all anyone has to do is ask one of our staff members and they will do anything they can to help.

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