understanding drug abuse clearbrook treatment centersMost people don’t understand how someone can become a drug addict. There are various reasons why someone would turn to drugs and alcohol. Some are trying to escape their lives while others are dealing with physical, mental and emotional pain. Whatever the case may be, the most abused drugs affect the reward system of the brain. These drugs change how your brain performs by flooding your system with various neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, that regulate the pleasure/pain feelings in the body.

Drugs can be entered into the body various ways including injection, inhalation, and ingestion. These methods vary with the substance being used and the effects the user wants to experience.

What is Drug Addiction?

Addiction is considered a chronic brain disease that causes a person to compulsively use substance for its results it has on the brain, despite the harmful effects to the person and his/her loved ones. At first, taking drugs may be a voluntary action – such as taking Vicodin to ease pain after a surgery.  But as the brain changes, the addiction takes over, making it difficult, near impossible without help, to resist the intense urges.

What Can Drug Abuse Do to the Body?

Not only can drug abuse change the chemistry of your brain, but can have a negative effect on your body. For instance, drug abuse can:

  • Weaken your immune system
  • Cause cardiovascular problems such as an abnormal heart rate, collapsed veins, and heart attacks
  • Abdominal issues such as pain, vomiting, and nausea
  • Causes seizures and strokes
  • Liver failure

Drug abuse can also change behavior in people, causing paranoia, aggressiveness, depression, severe anxiety, and hallucinations.

There is Help for the Drug Addict

Unfortunately, like any other chronic disease, there is no cure for drug addiction. However, there are treatments available that teach people how to walk through life without using drugs to cope. With proper treatment, any drug addict can live a happy, healthy and free life from addiction.

At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we offer a 28-day inpatient drug rehab program that will help you identify the root of your disease. We’ll give you the tools you need in order to get clean and learn how to live a sober life. Once your primary treatment is over, we will prepare a specialized aftercare program for you to follow to continue with your treatment and reduce the risk of relapse.

If you believe that you or a loved one is suffering from drug abuse, it’s time to get on the road to recovery. Contact Clearbrook Treatment Centers today. Now taking patients from Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.