What Is Meth and What Happens After Taking It

crystal meth addiction treatment clearbrookFor many of us, our knowledge of crystal meth comes from “Breaking Bad” episodes. But the fact is, meth addiction is a serious disease that can severely damage your brain. Methamphetamines are a very powerful and extremely addictive stimulant. This highly addictive substance can come in many forms and used in several different methods, such as injection, snorting or smoking. While meth can sometimes come in a pill or capsule, it’s powdery and crystal forms are most common for users.  The drug causes an increase of dopamine, which is considered the reward center in the brain. This will give you a rush of euphoria and make you extremely hyper. You may also push your body harder than normal and engage in a high-intensity activity. The use of meth can also cause someone to be awake for hours, days and even a weeks at a time.

Once the high is worn off, the user will enter a phase called “tweaking.” This means the addict may have a breakdown and could experience hallucinations or even self-mutilation. Finally, in the end comes a major crash when the body cannot keep up the energy level. It’s common during this phase to experience a lack of energy and severe depression. This being the state where many meth addicts absolutely loathe, they will do whatever possible to get more of the drug.

Warning Signs That A Loved One May Be In Need Of A Meth Addiction Treatment Program

  • Severe Weight Loss – A sudden drop in weight, although the individual hasn’t been exercising or dieting.
  • Dilated pupils – Pupils appear larger than normal
  • Decaying teeth – Also known as “meth mouth”. Methamphetamine is acidic. The larger amount or prolonged use of meth can create extensive tooth decay. This is also caused by a person’s lack of hygiene.
  • Lack of hygiene – When a person is addicted to drugs, especially meth, personal hygiene is usually on the last of their list of things they need to take care of. Their entire life centers around feeling the rush that meth creates.
  • Obsessive and borderline psychotic behavior – Meth can cause someone to behave in an obsessive way, such as continuously picking at skin or hair or constant. Furthermore, after being awake for long periods of time, a meth addict can become paranoid, believing that people are out to get them or that they are being watched; primarily by the police and/or government. Eventually, hallucinations set in, causing them to hear or see things that are not there.
  • Hyperactivity – The person is abnormally hyper
  • Erratic sleep patterns – Staying awake for days and/or weeks at a time.
  • Extreme fluctuation in energy – One minute the person is extremely hyper, and the next, they are depressed and exhausted.
  • Erratic movements – Twitching, jerking of hands, arms and legs, facial tics and animated mannerisms.

Dangers Of Crystal Meth

Because of the high intensity a user gets after using the drug, the body goes into overdrive, which can lead to the following:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Vital organ damage (oftentimes this is irreversible)
  • Permanent blood vessel damage
  • Infectious diseases such as Hepatitis or AIDS
  • Psychosis and severe depression
  • Death

Crystal meth is not only dangerous for the user, but for anyone who deals with the creation of the drug. The fumes and the byproducts of cooking methamphetamine are extremely dangerous — to make one pound of meth, six pounds of waste are produced. If the waste is exposed to the skin you can instantly get third degree burns. The fumes of the chemical reaction can be deadly if breathed in.

Clearbook’s Meth Addiction Treatment Program

For more than 40 years, Clearbrook Treatment Centers has been dedicated to helping thousands with their meth addictions. Located in the heart of Northeastern Pennsylvania, we provide a specialized meth addiction treatment program to anyone who is suffering from this terrible disease.

After receiving a medicated detoxification at our state-of-the-art detox unit, our dedicated staff will help the meth sufferer get to the root of his/her addiction. Our inpatient meth addiction treatment includes one-on-one counseling, group therapy, an introduction to the 12-step philosophy and tools that you will need in order to continue on the road to recovery. And once you are done with the program, we will give you the aftercare options you will need to continue your treatment on your own.

If you or a loved one is addicted to methamphetamines, don’t wait much longer. Get the help that you need now. Contact Clearbrook Treatment Centers today.

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