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Some days are harder than others. We suffer from the disease of Alcoholism/Drug Addiction. It will never go away. We must work every single day for the rest of our lives to better ourselves and better our lives. Most of the times we can see the blessing in this. Some days it’s hard for us to see so clearly.

The blessing is that each day we are aware of how to live our lives the best we can. Some people never see themselves clearly. Our disease blinds us sometimes. When we have a bad day it’s hard for us to realize the blessings and be grateful. But there is hope on these bad days. That’s when we must push through it. Through talking to our sponsors, going to meetings and working the steps we work vigilantly toward a better life. Hard work and diligence is what keeps us going.

So, on our harder days let us be more aware than ever that we must work for our recovery. We must move our feet. We must remember it’s one day at a time and just for today we must be the best we know how to be.

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for my new-found security. Today I will embrace my inner well-being. I pray that a sense of security may grow in me.

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