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In the book “Alcoholics Anonymous”, on page 84 it talks about not being tempted or effected by alcohol anymore. There is a program laid out though through the first 83 pages that precede this. Those are the first nine steps or Alcoholics Anonymous.

In the beginning, we often think that we just need to stop consuming the chemicals that is making our lives unmanageable. We think that we wouldn’t act or think the way we did if we could just stop. What the program teaches us is that it is a lot more than that. Alcohol and drugs were our solution to our inability to adapt to life. We did not handle life well and the only thing that made the feelings go away were booze and chemicals.

What we learn through the first nine steps is all the real reasons why we almost killed ourselves, or if you want our character defects. Even more important, how to overcome them to live a happy and purposeful life.

What the book says is that if we can keep in fit spiritual condition the obsession to drink and use drugs will not return. We will look at situations involving alcohol with a mind of neutrality.

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