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Addiction can put its deadly claws into anyone.  We always say that addiction doesn’t discriminate against anything.  Whether you are rich or poor, white or black, old or young…the disease does not care who it takes down. That said, there are some professions that have more addicts and alcoholics than others.  Below are the top four careers that yield the highest amount of people with addiction issues.

  1. Healthcare Professionals: Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Pain Management Providers | Studies have shown that of any one particular field, healthcare has the most amount of addicts than any other. A few reasons for this are the ease of obtaining medication and the higher income these different jobs pay.
  1. Sales: Automotive Industry, Financial Industry, and Insurance Industry | Sales is the highest paying field in the country. With that said it also employs a lot of people suffering from the disease of addiction.  In the sales field they have been described as “work hard, play hard” group.  In the automotive industry, many of the people at the dealership not only work together but they also use drugs and drink together.  That makes getting sober and clean seem difficult because of the need to change people, places, and things.
  1. Law Enforcement: Police Officers, Prison Guards, Parole/Probation Officers | One of the contributing factors to this class having addiction problems is the ease in which they can obtain illegal narcotics. Like doctors and nurses, law enforcement officers are constantly in the presence of drugs and alcohol.  They also are in what they call a brotherhood.  Firefighters and cops are very close to each other in a personal sense.  They spend time at work with each other and also outside of work.  Asking for help becomes difficult because they don’t want to seem weak.  They also don’t want to feel that if they get help the feeling of that brotherhood doesn’t include them anymore.
  1. Restaurant/Hotel Industry | These jobs shouldn’t be hard to figure out why there are addiction issues.  People that work in the hospitality field are very susceptible to using drugs and alcohol.  They are constantly in the presence of alcohol and drugs.  They are also serving others that may have addiction issues.

These are only a few of the positions that have a higher rate of addiction than others.  You do not need to work in one of these fields and have an addiction issue though.  Any person can have the disease.  As addiction doesn’t discriminate, Clearbrook does not either.  If you or a loved one has a problem with drugs and alcohol we will help you, regardless of the circumstances. There is always hope, and help for those that want it.




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