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Your best friend is getting married and you couldn’t be more excited. As the Maid of Honor, it is your job to plan the bachelorette party, but when the bride asks for a sober bachelorette party, it may throw a wrench in your original plans.

While many people think that a bachelorette party has to involve shots, day drinking, going out, and some head-pounding hangovers the next day, not every bachelorette party has to be this way. Especially if the bride is in recovery or pregnant, drinking is simply not an option, and avoiding the crazy party scene altogether may be a good idea.

Dry Bachelorette Party Ideas

As providers of addiction treatment in Wilkes-Barre, we understand that life in recovery may mean doing things slightly different and investigating some sober bachelorette party ideas may be one of them. Follow these tips for an awesome sober bachelorette party that both the bride and her guests will love.

  1. Tell People Ahead of Time. If the bride to be won’t be drinking, then she may not enjoy being surrounded by a bunch of intoxicated people for her bachelorette party. Get the bride’s input to see how she feels. If she wants no one to drink, her guests should respect that. Give them a heads up before they come, so that no one shows up with bottle of champagne. If she doesn’t care, you should still tell the guests beforehand, so they know not to get out of control.
  2. Location. Location. Finding the right location is important. Especially for a destination bachelorette weekend, you want somewhere that has plenty to do without having to drink. If the bride has gone through alcoholism treatment, then heading to Las Vegas where drinking is the main attraction may not be a good idea. Do your research to make sure wherever you choose has plenty of sober-friendly sites and activities.
  3. Choose the Activities Wisely. Typical bar hopping may not be the best choice. You know the bride best, so find something that she would enjoy and expand on it. Better yet, find something that the bride has always wanted to try. Jenny Van Der Ker, founder of Stag and Hen suggests, “Head to a yoga or spin class or rent kayaks if you’re near a lake. Have a private chef come to your house and cook dinner for the group. Host a craft party! Last but not least, throw a good ‘ol fashioned slumber party! Watch the bride’s favorite rom coms and create a candy and popcorn bar.” With so many possibilities, you don’t need alcohol to have a good time.
  4. Have Alternatives to Alcohol. Instead of popping champagne, pop sparkling grape juice. Who needs expensive shots at a noisy bar when you can do homemade mocktails with all the garnishes? Try a smoothie bar. Go out and get little umbrellas or personalized drink favors to uplift your beverages. There are plenty of non-alcoholic bachelorette party ideas for drinks that you can try. Your guests won’t even miss alcohol.


While a sober bachelorette party may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this is the bride’s party. If you get creative and be mindful of what the bride wants, you are sure to have a good time.

If you know someone who struggles with an addiction problem or have a hard time with drugs or alcohol yourself, do not wait to get help. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, our residential addiction treatment in PA works with people to turn their lives around.

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