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Listening isn’t something we’ve always done. In fact, some of us when we first got sober had to re-learn how to listen and take in what other people are saying. In our addiction, we were so concerned about ourselves and what we had to say and about being right or defending ourselves that we were never actually hearing what people were saying to us. Most think listening is something easy and to some it does come easy but not for some of us.

Who knew that there was actually a way to listen and hear what people are saying, not hear what we want to hear. It’s amazing what we learn from others when we look into their eyes and objectively listen to what they have to say. So, as much as possible we must be aware of what others are trying to communicate to us. This is so important because we not only get the facts but sometimes we can feel what others feel through what they are saying to us while we listen intently!

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