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When most couples get married, there are few negative thoughts that will enter their minds; least of all is substance abuse. Most believe that when they get married, they will generally have a good marriage. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and many marriages will suffer difficulties, including problems with substance abuse. People change over time, so it is not always something that can be predicted, but it can happen. Stresses build, life becomes darker and this is where substance abuse can enter. It may not be noticed at first, but it will be when it becomes a full addiction that changes the husband’s or wife’s behavior, attitude and personality. When this does happen, it can leave the spouse without the addiction unsure of what to do next.

Can they help their partner? Should they leave or would that be wrong? How much is too much to put up with? They love this person, they care for them, but they don’t think they can keep going through it; would it be selfish to leave the spouse who refuses to change and live their own life? These are just four examples of the many questions that enter one’s mind. There is also the fear that can play into the situation, depending on what they feel they have to lose if they leave their addicted spouse. The fear involved can also depend on how verbally and/or physically abusive the spouse with the addiction can be. There is also the concern of the children, if there are any, especially if they are younger children under the age of twelve because they are incredibly impressionable during their younger years.

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