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Honesty, open mindedness, and willingness. These are the three things we are going to need daily to live productive lives. These three words are needed as we forge ahead into the twelve steps.

We have to be honest. Honesty was not something a lot of us practiced while we were still in the grips of active addiction. When we are trying to get help from others there is no way they can help us if we are not telling them the truth. Even more important, we have to tell ourselves the truth. Self delusion is an evil enemy that comes to us and tells us we are really OK.

Having an open mind can really help us with any issues we are having about believing in a higher power. If we can open our minds to the fact that AA/NA has helped so many people get better, we are on our way. If we can have an open mind, stop debating about God, we can come to believe in our own conception of God.

Willingness keeps us doing the things on a daily basis. Are we willing to do whatever it takes to get and stay sober. The action steps, steps 4-9 demand willingness. Sometimes we even have to pray for this trait. We can ask God to help us become willing to do the things our sponsors have asked us to do.

If we can practice these three things every day when we get up in the morning, our lives will go to places we never dreamed possible.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful to be free of procrastination. Today I will take action in a responsible way. I pray for the strength to do what is right.

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