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We came into the fellowship because we knew we had a problem. We knew it would be hard work and a lot of times we felt like giving up but we remember how hopeless we were in our addiction so we stuck around. We began to work the steps and we saw that our lives could improve.

When we had to address our shortcomings some of us apprehensively approached the issue. We were overcome by fear and anxiety but we knew in the bottom of our hearts that if we wanted to get better we needed to attend to our shortcomings. If you would have asked us what our shortcomings were as we were using we would have never admitted of having any. It was always easier to place the blame on others rather than take a look at ourselves. The Steps help us face this fear and anxiety.

We realized when we came to the 4th and 5th Steps that we had to fearlessly tackle our faults, our defects of character; we had many. It was miraculous that once we worked through them we felt a sense of freedom. We were freed from the bondage of self.

Now that we have faced our shortcomings and gotten rid of them, we have such valuable experience for ourselves and to share with others. Make no mistake, we are human and therefore our imperfection will cause for a defect of character to arise here and there. The difference is, we now know how to recognize and deal with our shortcomings. We are fortunate enough to have the tools to remove these defects as they pop up and that is thanks to the fellowship and the 12 Steps.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the Creator who is all power and love. Today I will attempt to feel my Creator’s power and love. I pray that I always believe in a power greater than myself.

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