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We are not a glum lot. We absolutely insist on enjoying life. These are two sentences from the book “Alcoholics Anonymous” that most of us couldn’t comprehend when we first got sober. Most of our lives were consumed with worry and fear. Laughter was nonexistent. Our definition of fun was to drink and use as much as we could. At the time this was all the fun life offered us. Then it became too much, and we come to the realization that the life we are living is not fun at all.

When we walk into rooms of AA/NA all around the world, we can hear laughter as soon as we open the doors. Why would these people be laughing? Do they think it is funny what is happening to me? These questions resonate through our brains as we try to figure out just what is going on in there.

The fun part of recovery is that we are no longer in the bottomless pit anymore. We have now found hundreds of people who once felt like we did. The only difference in the beginning is that the others have worked the program of the twelve steps and are now enjoying a new way of life. This new way of life is available to everyone. One of the greatest gifts of having other people is that together we can now laugh at ourselves. No one asks that we totally forget the past. The past is actually our greatest asset. Our past can eventually help someone else, to let someone else know that we were in the exact same spot as they are.

Being happy, joyous, and free is what recovery is all about. To be freed from the prison of active alcoholism is a feeling that you do not want to miss.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a tolerant attitude. Today I will remain rational in dealing with whatever problems I face. I pray for God’s guidance throughout this day.

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