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Some of us may have never committed to anything ever in our lives. Whether it was to another person, job, organization, etc., most of us really could never fully commit. This is part of our disease. Taking responsibility is not something we do and if we come close to it we usually run in the other direction.

It wasn’t until we either went to rehab or went to A.A./N.A. for the first time that we saw that it takes commitment to stay sober and live a responsible life. At first this scared us because we really hadn’t committed or been responsible before so we were apprehensive. But as we saw the people who had time in recovery and we saw the work they were doing and saw that they were living happy, fulfilling lives, we began to realize what we needed to do. We needed to do the work. We needed to make an all out commitment to the program. Our commitment in this program has been the first thing that we’ve ever taken responsibility for. It’s the first thing we’ve ever committed too and as time went by we saw that positive results come from our commitment.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the grace I have received allowing me to survive my illness. Today I will be mindful of the grace I have received. I pray for awareness of all the grace I have been given.

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