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family drug rehab program clearbrookFamily drug treatment programs is viewed as a vital and necessary component to enhance the recovery of the chemically dependent person. In addition, these types of programs can promote overall family recovery from the effects that chemical dependency has on individual family members. Family members also can suffer from a loved one’s drug dependency and these may include feelings of denial, guilt, and self-blame. Clearbrooks’ family program is intended to help ease these feelings and help to rebuild a healthy relationship between the family and the chemically dependent person.

The Family Program is provided by Clearbrook for family members of the chemically dependent one weekend a month beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Friday and ending at noon on Sunday. Families participate in group therapy and individual counseling sessions.

The 12 steps featured in any drug rehabilitation program are reinforced through this Clearbrook Family Program. Alcoholics Anonymous and A-non are also reinforced through this program as well.

Clearbrook Treatment Centers are your number 1 choice for ending your dependency on drugs and alcohol in Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on compassion and patient care to make sure that each patient gets the quality care they deserve. Choose Clearbrook Treatment Centers for your drug dependency recovery needs.


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