In Alcohol Abuse

We admitted we were powerless over alcohol-that our lives had become unmanageable.

This is how it starts in the rooms of alcoholics anonymous. The word we appears two times in the first three words. What a comfort that brings when the fog clears and we realize that of ourselves we are nothing and that with the help of others we can recover from this state of hopelessness. For so many years many of us have been in the prison of alcoholism and never knowing why are lives were shaped the way they were. The first step if taken with 100% belief and acceptance can start the road to a purposeful and meaningful life. It can get us out of that prison, allow us to move on to the remaining eleven steps. Many times in the rooms of AA you will hear there are no must dos. To stay sober you must not drink. That first drink is the drink that starts the ball rolling down hill not the last one.

Clearbrook Treatment Centers is an alcohol rehab in Pennsylvania. We are offering help and promising hope.

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