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Adolescence is that phase of life when a person can be easily misled due to their credulous nature. Adolescent drug addiction shatters the dreams of such individuals and also has its effect on the near and dear ones. Adolescence is that aspect when we tend to soar high in the sky of success and never look back. The addiction to drugs shreds the wing of success making the abuser a puppet in the hands of drug substances. Since this is an impressionable age the process of weaning away from the drug substance is a tedious job for the relatives.

Stages of drug addiction
Since the progress of the adolescent drug addiction is variable depending on the signs and symptoms the drug addicts can be categorized into the early, middle or late stage. During the initial phase of addiction the addicts experiment with the drugs due to peer pressure and cultivate the habit of smoking, drinking etc. Inattentiveness, lying, stealing or demanding money, late night stays at friends place, poor performance at studying institutes are few of the beginning signs of addiction. Also they may come with symptoms of lack of sleep and appetite at the physical level.

As the addiction progresses the dependence on the drug makes them to avoid company and family members, blame others without any reason and lose control. Their do not maintain physical appearance and are unkempt and shabbily dressed. Any change from the normal attitude is the first indicator of addiction.

In the last stage of addiction there is no need to seek telltale signs as the addiction is evident in the behavior. Getting expelled from school, committing crime, mood swings and paranoia are the extreme signs which the addicts suffer from.

Initially adolescent drug addicts always hide from the relatives the fact that they are into addiction. They think the addiction can be left at any point of time. But they are proven wrong in the long run. It is better to learn from the sufferings of drug abusers and be alert in choosing company in the school and college.

In the current era many drugs are available to remove the toxicity of the drug substance and rehabilitation centre are reachable to de addict the abuser, but this is not enough for the completion of the course of treatment. What helps as a healing remedy is the psychological support given by family members. The awareness about the consequences of addiction should be created to keep the adolescence at bay from this evil habit.

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