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Oxycontin VS Heroin? They are so nearly the same drug, most users would take either one. Why is Oxycontin legal and Heroin illegal? Oxycontin and Heroin are both opioids, which are synthetic or real derivatives of opium.

Everybody has heard of Heroin addiction, and in more recent years, Oxycontin addiction. But, just what exactly are these two drugs? Oxycontin is a synthetic opioid prescribed by doctors in the treatment of severe pain. When properly prescribed and properly taken, Oxycontin has a timed-release action to produce approximately 12 hours of steady pain relief. The drug companies began an advertising campaign that left the impression that Oxycontin could be safely given to anyone in pain, even if that pain was not at all severe. It was a miracle pain reliever! The drug companies did such a good job in promoting the drug as almost a miracle drug in easing pain and the safety of it, that Oxycontin is covered by Medicaid when prescribed to a Medicaid recipient.

The doctors began to greatly over prescribe it; it began to be sold on the street; and it began to be abused.

People addicted to Oxycontin destroy the timed release action of the pills or capsules in order to partake of the entire amount of the drug at once instead of spread over 12 hours. Abusers of Oxycontin, become addicted to both, the intense orgasmic mind rush, and the state of complete blissful euphoria which follows the rush. The results of Heroin abuse is almost like the highs of Oxycontin.

The following facts were given as testimony before Massachusetts State Senator Steven Tolman and his Oxycontin and Heroin Commission in May 2009.

•Prior to 1914, Heroin was used to relieve pain and respiratory illnesses in the United States and was given credit for not being as addictive as morphine.
•Heroin became illegal in 1914 because of its addictive qualities.
•Oxycontin, or synthetic Heroin as it is often called, has almost the exact same molecular makeup as Heroin.
•Heroin and Oxycontin both give the user an intense head rush, and then euphoria.
•The drug addict will use whichever drug is the easiest for him to obtain, as Heroin and Oxycontin are interchangeable.
•Oxycontin is vastly over prescribed.
•Both Oxycontin and Heroin are extremely addictive.

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