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For the newcomer, the concept of spirituality is a difficult one. For some of us that word makes us uncomfortable and discontent. We have struggled for a very long time to gain any kind of understanding of spirituality. Some of us may have dismissed the idea all together and some of us may have thought we were spiritual but really had no idea how to get in touch with that part within us.
Some of us have searched for answers in all kinds of different ways. Throughout our search we probably lost hope because no answer was good enough. No theory or idea filled that void within us. So, when we walked into the rooms and heard about spirituality and a Higher Power, we were skeptical. The true skeptics that we are, we scoffed at these ideas.
It wasn’t until we listened to other people’s experience that we began to open our minds. We saw that through learning and practicing we can gain an open mind and open heart to spirituality. We may have felt that the notion of practicing wouldn’t work but it did. We prayed. We meditated. We had no idea what we were doing most of the time. We prayed but didn’t know to whom or to what we were praying. Yet, the more we practiced, we started to see our Higher Power working in our lives. Things may have gotten worse before they got better but things did get better. Through it all, we learned from the things that happened (most of them we had no control over, our Higher Power was in control). The littlest improvement gave us hope.
The day we came to believe in a power greater than ourselves is the day we became a little less skeptical and a little more hopeful. Through it all we’ve seen that in the rooms we learn, we practice and we grow. This is a great gift that is given to us in recovery.

In case you didn’t know:
Children of alcoholic parents are four times as likely to develop drinking problems as the general population. Sons of alcoholic fathers face up to nine times the usual risk.

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