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Atlantic City is known for its casinos, shopping, and proximity to the Jersey shore. Unfortunately, in more recent years, this New Jersey city also made a name for itself when it comes to drug use, crime, and the homeless population. Because this lively city is right in our neighbor state, our Pennsylvania drug rehab is looking at the growing number of drugs in Atlantic City and how this booming city got such a bad reputation.

Drug Use & Addiction in Atlantic City

The number of drugs in Atlantic City has skyrocketed in the last few decades. According to New Jersey’s Substance Abuse Overview, Atlantic City has by far the highest rate of substance abuse admissions in the state at 27% of the total residents in that area; the next closest city only reaches 12% of the total residents.1 With a rate that is almost double the next closest city, drug use in Atlantic City seems to be out of control.

One of the biggest problems for the city is the prevalence of heroin use. Just like the rest of the United States that has been hit hard by the opioid crisis, Atlantic City too has fallen victim to opioids. Heroin is the primary drug of choice for most residents in the area with an estimated 59% of drug users preferring it to any other drug.1 Unfortunately for many of these drug users, heroin may not be the end. With stronger synthetic opioids hitting the streets across the country, many of the addicted individuals could eventually turn to these more powerful and deadly drugs to get their fix.

Fighting Atlantic City’s Drug Problems

With such alarming drug use in the area, officials are doing their best to combat the city’s drug problem and treat those who are addicted.

With over half of drug users in the area using heroin, officials are focusing on opioid and heroin treatment programs as well as education on this drug abuse. One campaign to fight opioid use involves naloxone, an emergency drug used to reverse the effects of opioid drugs. The Hope One Mobile Recovery Unit drives to areas known for heroin use and distributes naloxone and teaches people how to effectively use it. The city is also investigating a mobile needle exchange unit.2 Other people are focused on trying to get those already affected into treatment.

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