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It’s a reality that many parents are faced with, but none look forward to: Realizing that a child needs help for substance abuse and addiction. If you are still unsure if your child is using alcohol or drugs to the extent that he/she needs a teen drug treatment program, the following guidelines may help. Signs of Chicago teen drug or alcohol use include:

  • Sudden, unfavorable changes in friends
  • Negative changes in schoolwork or truancy from school
  • Depression, withdrawal, or hostility; these may also be indicative of a mental health-related co-occuring disorder, which can also be addressed with the proper teen drug treatment program
  • Increasing secrecy about possessions and activities
  • Use of incense or other room deodorizers
  • Increased “coded” language with peers (beyond standard text message coding)
  • Excessively borrowing money or stealing
  • Drug paraphernalia (some teens may dismiss lighters or pipes as “keepsakes,” and nearly anything as a friends’ belonging)
  • Inhalant products, which includes many grooming and household chemical products
  • Eye drops, mouthwash, and other maskers

Of course, some Chicago adolescent drug addicts may exhibit only a handful of these behaviors – but it’s important not to dismiss them if you strongly feel there is a problem. Also, bear in mind that any illicit drug use or teen alcohol use is unlawful, and your child should be reprimanded even if addiction is not yet an issue.

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