Relapse Treatment & Prevention

 What is Relapse? 

Relapse is defined as a deterioration in a person’s state of health after a period of improvement. This includes any health issue or disease, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease – and yes, drug and alcohol addiction.

More specifically, a relapse from drug and/or alcohol recovery can be described as a downward, gradual spiral back into obsessive and compulsive behavior, which leads to the return of active use and abuse of drugs and/or alcohol.

Although a drug and alcohol relapse does not have to be an inevitable occurrence, unfortunately, it is common among individuals who enter into recovery and sobriety. This is especially true for those in the earlier stages of recovery; thus, relapse prevention education is vital during the treatment process. There are many ways and means to identify an imminent relapse, and in turn, steps one can take to avoid a relapse back into active addiction.

If and when relapse does occur, it is imperative for the suffering individual and their loved ones to realize that the story does not need to end there. While it can be a complex scenario, the addict or alcoholic is still able to come back from a relapse, and it can in turn be served as a learning experience. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we not only treat addictions, but we treat the whole person and their specific needs. We understand that each patient is their own individual, with very unique experiences and circumstances. With customized programming and specialized therapeutic approaches, we are able to provide quality treatment to each person that comes to us. This includes individuals who have experienced and suffered a drug and alcohol relapse. Our addiction treatment in Pennsylvania has helped so many struggling individuals get back on track.

Signs That Your Loved One is Headed for a Relapse

  • Spending time with old friends and associates
  • Beginning to act differently; more moody, irritable, or angry
  • Seem as though they are hiding something
  • They begin isolating
  • Stop going to meetings or spending time with recovering people
  • They stay out all night or don’t come home for days at a time

Know Your Own Relapse Triggers & Warning Signs

  • You stop going to as many meetings or meeting with your sponsor
  • Seeking out friends you once used or drank with
  • You start romanticizing drug/alcohol use
  • Old behaviors or character defects begin to crop up
  • You stop praying, meditating, or doing other things that help in your daily recovery
  • You have a lack of gratitude and humility

Drug and Alcohol Relapse Treatment at Clearbrook

A relapse from addiction recovery can be difficult for everyone involved. This includes the user, family members, friends, co-workers, and other support systems in place. Everyone, including yourself, believed the days of active addiction were behind you. You seemed to finally be on the right track and your life was beginning to turn around. Then, before you know it, you fall back into negative thinking and old behaviors, leading you back down the path of drug and alcohol use.

Here at our drug rehab in Pennsylvania, we know the struggles associated with a relapse. We are able to treat the specific needs of patients that have been to treatment more than once, or those who have been in recovery for a period of time and returned back to drug abuse. First, let’s start by saying that a relapse does not mean all the work you have previously done was for nothing. Each point throughout your life, during your active addiction and recovery process, has led you to this moment. While it may seem like an uphill battle, the mistakes you made can serve as a therapeutic process. Oftentimes, we hear those who have experienced a relapse say that without that experience, they would have never learned necessary life lessons in which they carry with them, using them as a constant reminder in their daily recovery process.

We specialize in relapse prevention education, a portion of addiction treatment which is vital to achieving ongoing recovery. Through the utilization of specific relapse treatment plans and therapeutic measures, our highly trusted staff will help you recognize at what point you went wrong. Our addiction counselors will assist you in identifying relapse triggers and warning signs, along with providing insight into the relapse syndrome, which will inevitably offer new tools to avoid future relapse and achieve continued sobriety.

Get Help Today for a Drug and Alcohol Relapse

It is important to remember that while you may feel alone, as if you have nowhere to turn, this is simply not the case. Many have come before you with similar experiences, including many of our trusted team members. With years of knowledge and expertise regarding the treatment of relapse, coupled with personal stories of relapse and recovery, our highly trained staff will be able to provide you with a unique treatment experience. Although not an inevitable part of sobriety, relapse can unfortunately happen to the best of us. That is why relapse prevention education and customized relapse programming is crucial in the treatment process.

There is absolutely no shame in admitting you made a mistake and asking for help. It does not matter how many times you have fallen, as long as you continue to get back up. Contact Clearbrook Treatment Centers today if you are still battling addiction.

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