The drug and alcohol treatment professionals at Clearbrook Treatment Centers specialize in helping patients achieve optimal health. Their team includes mental health professionals, counselors, and psychologists specializing in addiction rehabilitation. Patients seeking drug and alcohol treatment centers in Pennsylvania can count on the team at Clearbrook. Learn more about the Clearbrook counseling team today.

  • John Beecroft, MA, CADC, CCDPD, CCPG
    John Beecroft, MA, CADC, CCDPD, CCPG Executive Director

    John leads the Clearbrook and Banyan Philadelphia team with ten years of behavioral health management experience. His credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rutgers University and a Master’s degree in forensic psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. After receiving his degrees, John developed several key programs within the industry, including the design and implementation of a medication assisted treatment care model for a premier healthcare system, and Opioid Use Disorder Center of Excellence programming for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. John is a Certified Co-occurring Disorders Diplomate, and holds certifications in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Compulsive Gambling Counseling, and he is a Level I Trauma Art Narrative therapist. His areas of expertise include: psychopharmacology, psychopathology, quality control analysis, forensic populations, compulsive gambling and other process disorders, and program startups.1

  • Kingsley Greis
    Kingsley Greis Community Outreach Coordinator, PA

    Kingsley Greis was born and raised in Pottsville, Pennsylvania and has been working in the field of addiction treatment since 2016, with her main focus being community relations. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Wagner College and her biggest passion is providing education and bringing hope to families, friends, and communities who are suffering from the effects of addiction.  She values working with a team of compassionate and experienced professionals and being able to provide patients with a wide alumni network, as she believes in providing long-term access to recovery resources to best help those in need.

  • Dr. Al Janerich Medical Director

    Dr. Al Janerich completed his undergraduate studies at Kings College in Wilkes Barre, PA, matriculating with honors in 1973. After obtaining a medical degree from Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University in 1977, he stayed on as a resident physician in traning at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital within the department of physical Medicine and Rehabilitation until 1980. After becoming board certified in Physical Medicines and Rehabilitation in 1981, he pursued further training in Chemical Dependency and Addictive Diseases. He has been board certified by The American Board of Addiction Medicine since 1988 and serves as medical director of Clearbrook Treatment Centers.  [Read More…]

  • Dr. Nicholas G. Brogno Clinical Psychologist

    Nicholas Brogno is a nationally certified psychologist practicing in Pennsylvania. Dr. Brogna retired from his primary practice in January 2011 with 29 years of experience in the field of psychology. He is currently employed by Clearbrook as an inpatient psychologist specializing in the treatment of alcohol, substance abuse, and chemical dependency.  [Read More…]

  • Michael Arcangeletti, BS, CADC
    Michael Arcangeletti, BS, CADC Director of Operations

    Michael Arcangeletti, Director of Operations at Clearbrook Treatment Center has been working in the field of addiction treatment since 2010. He holds an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Misericordia University and is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor through the Pennsylvania Certification Board. He has held numerous titles throughout his years in the field, including: Residential Tech, Intake Coordinator, Counselor, Clinical Supervisor, and Assistant Clinical Director. Michael joined the Banyan Clearbrook team in November, 2018, and states that his passion for helping others comes from his own personal experience in recovery. He believes that each individual who is struggling with addiction is able to recover, and makes sure that patients know they are cared for, believed in, and worthy of a second chance and a new start. Michael is set to complete his MSW at Marywood University next year.

  • Christine Kendzor
    Christine Kendzor Director of Nursing
  • Stanley Krzanowski, B.A.
    Stanley Krzanowski, B.A. Clinical Supervisor

    Stanley is one of our most tenured employees at Clearbrook, working for us for over the last ten years. Stanley is a Dallas, PA native who currently resides in Wilkes Barre.  With a B.A. degree from Kings College in Sociology & History, Stan offers his own unique style in helping our patients. He brings over 25 years of experience to bear in the work he does with patients, and the counselors he supervises.

    Outside of work he enjoys spending time with family most notably his grandchildren. Stan says that the rewards he gets from working at Clearbrook are endless and is one reason he has worked here as long as he has. He says “I have always worked in the helping profession. I believe in the philosophy of Clearbrook which has allowed me to witness miracles happen every day.”

  • Anna Mecca-Finnerty, M.A., L.P.C.
    Anna Mecca-Finnerty, M.A., L.P.C. Clinical Supervisor

    Anna is a local from Dunmore, PA. She attained her B.A. from the University of Scranton going on to Goddard University where she received her Master’s Degree in Drug & Alcohol Program development.

    Anna is one of Clearbrook’s most tenured employees having been with us for over 15 years. Anna enjoys fishing, gardening, watching and attending NASCAR events, and spending time with her two beagles.

    Anna says “I believe in the philosophy of Clearbrook. To watch people find a program for living that allows them to rebuild their lives in a happy/healthy manner is what keeps me coming back to work day after day.”

  • Megan Hiscox, B.S.
    Megan Hiscox, B.S. Clinical Supervisor

    Megan is from Dallas, Pennsylvania and graduated from Pace University with a B.A. in Applied Psychology & Human Relations.

    Outside of work you can find Megan in the mountains of NEPA snowboarding in the winter and hiking in the spring and summer months. Megan is the intern who never left.

    She says,”Clearbrook serves as a home away from home and has been instrumental into shaping who I am today. Seeing hope grow in both our patients and their families is the greatest reward from my job.”

  • Jillian Falkowski, A.A.S.
    Jillian Falkowski, A.A.S. Primary Counselor

    Originally from Pittston, Pennsylvania, Jillian earned her A.A.S. in Human Services from Luzurne County Community College.

    When Jillian is not working you can almost always find her spending time with her two young children. Without question, her personal recovery and family comes first in her life.

    On working at Clearbrook she says, “I have always wanted to help others who are struggling with addiction. I have always had a big heart and hope that others can come out of the darkness of addiction and into the light of recovery. There is always a miracle somewhere.”

  • Carrie Erwine, B.S.
    Carrie Erwine, B.S. Primary Counselor

    Carrie is from Wapwallopen, PA, and currently lives in Mountain Top, PA. She graduated from Misericordia University with a bachelor’s degree in social work and also holds a certificate in addiction counseling.

    Carrie enjoys spending time at the beach during the summers and skiing down the mountains of Northeast PA in the winters. Her first love is spending time with her children and family.

    On working at Clearbrook Carrie says, “doing my internship at Clearbrook allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge and experience through interacting with the patients. Seeing someone come in day one, claw through the process, and come out after 28 days a changed person is by far the most miraculous thing I have ever seen.”

  • Justin Kendzor, B.S.
    Justin Kendzor, B.S. Primary Counselor

    Justin is a local from Northeast PA residing in West Wyoming. Justin received his associate’s degree from Luzerne County Community College and continued on to Misericordia University and attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He plans on continuing his education to obtain his Master’s degree.

    Outside of work you can find Justin at the gym, drawing, and spending time with his family.

    About the rewards Justin gets from working at Clearbrook he says, “having patients come in broken and experiencing various consequences throughout their addiction, and after 28 days leaving with a sense of hope is second to nothing. Interacting with patients on a daily basis and hearing their stories truly inspires me everyday.”

  • Brianna Brodt, B.S.
    Brianna Brodt, B.S. Primary Counselor

    Brianna hails from Nazareth, Pennsylvania.  She received her B.S. in Psychology from Misericordia University and also holds a certificate in addiction counseling.

    She can be found running half marathons, at concerts, and is also very involved in fundraising for cancer research.

    Bri says that the most rewarding part of her job is “to give back the help that was generously given to me. Throughout my recovery journey, I was labeled as a chronic relapse case. Treatment is where I was able to develop a sense of hope and the desire to get sober. My goal is to help ignite that sense of hope in others and assist them in rebuilding their lives. When you see someone let go and stop fighting the recovery process is when you see recovery begin and that is why I love coming to work every day.”

  • Kenny Davis
    Kenny Davis
  • Andrew Simpson
    Andrew Simpson Director of Community Outreach PA

    Andrew was born and raised in Atlantic City, NJ. As too many people these days, Andrew found himself battling addiction beginning in college and continuing into his early to mid-twenties. After he found his way to treatment and in return sobriety in 2013. Over the past four years, Andrew has worked in many different facets of the treatment industry, including working as a behavioral health technician, in admissions, and community outreach. Today Andrew continues to build relationships throughout the community and medical field to better help people struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

  • Melissa Mackolin
    Melissa Mackolin Community Outreach Coordinator

    Melissa was born and raised in Lincroft, New Jersey. She is currently in school seeking a degree in Health Care Administration. Melissa loves helping people find their potential through obtaining long term sobriety, and her personal experience with addiction and recovery drives her passion. Melissa has worked in the field for the past few years, starting as an intake coordinator and falling in love with the business development side of things. Melissa’s drive to help any and everyone suffering from the disease of addiction and walk side by side with them through their treatment process was what lead her to community outreach. She was drawn to Banyan because of our ability to treat any patient from any demographic, and that our mission aligned with her core morals and beliefs. She couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such an excellent team.