Dr. Nicholas Brogno | Clearbrook Treatment Centers

Dr. Nicholas G. Brogno

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Nick Brogno presents a special niche of psychology to the Clearbrook patient population.  Being able to assist our patients in the field of psychology and having the expert knowledge of what addiction is and its effect on the brain is a priceless asset for any treatment facility.  Dr. Nick can be found at Clearbrook Manor seeing the patients that need psychiatric care on any given day.  He is blessed with not only the education in addiction psychology but the compassionate heart someone needs in order to help our patients.  Addiction and psychiatric disorders sometimes go hand in hand.  Both of these complex issues need to be treated in order for our patients to be successful after treatment and in life as a whole.

One of our alumni had this to say about Dr. Nicholas G. Brogno:

Without getting too specific about my own individual situation I would like to thank Dr. Nick for his help while I was at Clearbrook.  I have been misdiagnosed my entire life. Doctors and psychiatrists have always just told me to “take this pill”.  It never worked because my addiction issues were never addressed.  When I came to Clearbrook and met with Dr. Brogno, my experience was different than with any other psychiatric professional I’d ever met with before.  I’m no longer on a list of medications.  The psychological issues I still have, in addition to addiction,  are dealt with entirely differently today.  Today I am happy and the staff at Clearbrook and Dr. Brogno were instrumental in making that happen.