New Drug and Alchohol Treatment & Rehab Center Serving Pensylvania, New York, New Jersey

New Detox Facility/Inpatient Treatment Center

From a mountaintop in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Clearbrook Manor offers a panoramic view of the historic Wyoming Valley. The glorious landscape surrounding the Manor complements our treatment program. State-of-the-art facilities include our new dining hall, kitchen and office building, detox unit and rehabilitation building, meeting rooms and counselors’ offices. Whether greeted by summer green or autumn gold, visitors leave the Manor with the feeling that they have been somewhere special.

Our new Residential building features a 21-bed detoxification unit, with a free standing subacute medical station staffed by trained nurses and private interview space, which provides the utmost in Clearbrook’s nationally leading “Patients Come First” treatment. Along with our detox unit, there are 67-beds where patients feel the warmth and comfort of a place where they discover hope and begin the journey of recovery.

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