Richard Conaboy | Clearbrook Treatment Centers | Clearbrook INC

Richard P. Conaboy, Jr.

Vice President of Clinical Affairs

Every patient at Clearbrook has immediate and direct access to Dick. As our Vice President, his workload can be immense, but he prides himself on always making the time for a patient in need. He performs a wide array of jobs and tasks on a daily basis that include working with our counseling staff and their methods, overseeing the residential tech staff, and, most importantly, our patient community.  His primary focus is always on our current patient community and providing them the best possible care.

At any given time during the day you can find Dick in his office talking one-on-one to our patients, guiding them through the process of treatment and the individual issues each patient may present. He’s also a tremendous asset to our alumni.  Dick’s greatest asset is his own personal story of recovery and the almost magical way he passes that on to people that have come through Clearbrook.

Below is a message from one of our alumni:

Dick Conaboy was the first person I’ve ever trusted to help me.  I came to Clearbrook broken, in legal trouble, and I’d burnt every bridge in my life.  For some reason I believed Dick when he told me that if I am willing to listen and go through treatment with an open mind, everything would be ok.  He was right.  Everything in my life is like night and day compared to my active addiction.  I often come up to Clearbrook to see Dick and talk.  He still points me in the right direction every time.