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Rehab is an important tool in the recovery process. In fact, for most, rehab is the start to recovery. It isn’t intended to be a magic cure. Here at Clearbrook, our counselors and staff know how powerful alcohol and drug programs work towards recovery.

A New Jersey radio station recently held a town hall event regarding opiate addiction and treatment. Among the issues discussed was the rehab process. Some people think it’s enough to just detox. Or they believe, after the completion of a rehab program, they are cured.

Only, it’s not that simple. Addiction cannot be cured. Rehab is just the beginning and sobriety is an ongoing process.

What Happens After Completion of a Drug or Alcohol Program?

Addiction is a disease. One that requires a lifetime of commitment. There’s a reason that twelve step programs have such good reputations. Meeting rooms are filled with people trying to stay sober. What else works?

It’s no secret that detox and inpatient rehabilitation offer great beginnings. They are safe havens. Some people benefit from moving on to halfway houses. Changing familiar places, people and circumstances decrease the likelihood of risk factors presenting themselves.

Here are some other things that we recommend for those who are trying to stay sober:

  • Think about individualized counseling – Even after you have completed a program, find a certified counselor to speak with about your addiction. This will also help as far as holding yourself accountable.
  • Make a commitment to attend a twelve step fellowship– If you’re not comfortable at the first meeting, shop around. It may take a few times before you feel comfortable.
  • Find sober friends and sober activities.
  • Check with your medical provider concerning your physical health.

Try not to beat yourself up during the process. No one is perfect; you are only human. You may slip back into old behaviors along the way. The goal is to continue trying to be the best version of yourself possible. Acknowledging these circumstances is vital, and then learning to change with the help of others. Remember, you can do this.

We Want to Help You

Here at Clearbrook, we know that rehab is the fresh start to recovery. We want to bring hope to those who are ready for a chance at sobriety. We know that it is has nothing to do with luck. It is work. Ready for a new beginning? We have more than 40 years of experience helping people with alcohol and drug problems. Contact us for immediate assistance.




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