Faith-Based Addiction Programs in Pennsylvania

Our drug rehab in Pennsylvania offers faith-based recovery programs for addiction through the Faith in Recovery program, a Christian, non-denominational, and inclusive therapy program for patients receiving drug or alcohol treatment at our facility. Our facility has integrated spiritual-based therapy with our levels of substance abuse treatment because we understand the strong relationship between addiction recovery and spirituality. The team at our Clearbrook Pennsylvania rehab is dedicated to utilizing a variety of treatment methods to ensure our clients have everything they need to live addiction-free lives.  

Purpose of Spiritual Recovery Programs  

Whenever people hear “faith” or “religion,” they may become hesitant either because they wouldn’t consider themselves religious or because they don’t want anything to do with religion. However, while our spiritual addiction recovery meetings are based on Christian principles, we never push our beliefs on our patients but rather utilize the Bible and other techniques to increase their faith and hope.  

Faith is an important aspect of recovery because – biblically it’s defined as the assurance of things we hope for and the assurance of things we don’t see. When we have hope, we have a sense of assurance about our future and what’s to come. For someone who’s recovering from addiction and going through treatment, having hope for a sober future can make a world of difference.  

The purpose of our faith-based recovery programs is to offer patients a biblical perspective on developing or renewing their faith, growing spiritually, and managing their sobriety. Our faith-based addiction recovery programs are led by our Director and Chaplain Anthony Acampora. He holds both a Master’s in Ministry degree and an Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies. Combined with his experience working in the addiction treatment field, Anthony is an excellent leader to patients at Clearbrook Manor in Wilkes Barre.  

What Our Faith-Based Addiction Programs Offer 

Patients who are receiving Christian-based counseling for substance abuse at our Northeast addictions treatment center will have the opportunity to rediscover themselves, learn more about their spirituality, and develop or re-establish their relationship with God. Again, while our faith-based therapy for addiction is founded on Christian principles, people of all religious or spiritual backgrounds are welcome.  

Christian Counseling Sessions 

Although this service is not automatically included in patients’ treatment plans, our Faith in Recovery program at Clearbrook Pennsylvania offers clients the option of participating in faith-based recovery meetings with our counselors. These are individual Christian counseling sessions in which our leaders and patients discuss any struggles during the recovery process, relapse prevention skills, and more. 

As a patient, if you wish to partake in our individual Christian-based therapy sessions, you’d have to speak to Anthony, our Chaplain, to schedule your meetings. These meetings are not mandatory but rather optional, and supplemental services are offered to patients at any level of care.  

Christian Telehealth Counseling 

In addition to inpatient addiction counseling, our Faith in Recovery services are also offered via telehealth. Telehealth refers to online healthcare, in which patients can connect with their healthcare providers over the phone or through video chat to receive treatment. In light of the pandemic, we understand how important online addiction treatment is in keeping our patients safe and in preventing any interruptions in the recovery process.  

Patients have the option of receiving our faith-based services remotely from the comfort of their homes. We’re happy to give our clients in this program the option to commute or stay at home to ensure that they’re comfortable and that they can continue their treatment no matter what. Patients who choose to undergo our faith-based recovery programs for addiction online will meet with counselors via Zoom every week.  

Faith-Based Addiction Recovery at Clearbrook 

Recovering spiritually from addiction is just as important as focusing on your physical and mental health. Our faith and spirituality – or lack thereof – make a world of difference in the way we view and cope with challenges in our lives. Considering how challenging recovering from drug and alcohol abuse can be, you can never receive too much support or advice when it comes to getting sober. 

You don’t have to go through recovery alone. From medically assisted detox to inpatient drug treatment to therapy programs, Clearbrook Treatment Centers Pennsylvania offers everything you need and more to recover from substance abuse. 

Contact our rehab center to learn more about our inpatient rehab programs in Pennsylvania. 


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