As a CEO or supervisor, you may have many day-to-day responsibilities on your plate. From managing your employees to budgeting to marketing, an average workday in your life may be hectic. Basically, as either a business owner or head of a company, you have a slew of responsibilities, including your employees. With that said, your employees may also be just as busy in their positions, which can lead to much stress. Unfortunately, stress is a common contributing factor to addiction, a disease that can affect an individual’s life, which can include their performance at work. Luckily, we offer a corporate recovery program in Pennsylvania that can help your employee overcome their drug or alcohol problems.

Rehab for Your Employees

When you suspect that an employee has a drug or drinking problem, you may wonder whether it’s your place to step in and say something. You don’t want to seem like you’re meddling in their business, but you don’t want them to go through addiction, and frankly, you don’t want your company to suffer either. Additionally, employee substance abuse can influence their other coworkers, decreasing work performance. Our corporate help for employee substance abuse is designed to help employers, CEOs, and company owners get their employees into drug or alcohol treatment.

Our Rehab Employee Services at Clearbrook Pennsylvania

Our corporate recovery program is an employee assistance program for substance abuse. Our Clearbrook rehab in PA offers drug treatment for employees to help supervisors and company owners get their team members the help they need. Help is a necessity not only for the sake of their work performance, but also for their overall health and wellbeing. Certain work fields have higher instances of substance abuse than others, making specialized addiction treatment for employees necessary. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we recognize these concerning trends and offer the help employees need to overcome addiction.

Our rehab for employees provides various levels of care, usually beginning with medical detox. As the name suggests, medical detox is a form of treatment in which patients are slowly weaned off of drugs under 24-hour supervision and with the assistance of medication, as needed. If required, our medical staff may administer medication to alleviate any discomfort or severe pain during withdrawals. For many, detox is necessary for moving to substance-specific treatment. Whether your employee needs alcohol or opioid addiction treatment, detox addresses dangerous withdrawal symptoms that are often uncomfortable enough to discourage patients from remaining abstinent from these substances. Detox not only addresses uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms but also paves the way for a smoother recovery journey.

Once detox is completed, patients can move onto one of our addiction treatment programs. As an inpatient rehab in Pennsylvania, each of our rehab programs is offered at a residential level, which means that patients live at our facility throughout their drug treatment programs to ensure that they receive the one-on-one help they need. Residential drug treatment eliminates distractions and keeps patients focused and accountable 24/7, which is especially helpful for people with severe substance use disorders. However, our support doesn’t cease once patients have completed their treatment.

Our clients have the option of joining our alumni program, which offers relapse prevention training and moral support to those who have received addiction treatment at our facility. We understand that addiction doesn’t just go away, and sobriety is a life-long commitment. After rehab, we offer additional support to patients to minimize their risk of relapse and help them stay on top of their responsibilities both at work and in their personal lives.

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