Pennsylvania Residential Treatment

Addiction is a terrible disorder that can disturb a person’s entire life as well as their loved ones. Although hitting rock bottom can feel like the end, it may just be the beginning. Our residential treatment offers a quiet and tranquil setting for addiction recovery. Since 1980, the Manor has been offering high-quality, affordable treatment for adults suffering from the disease of alcoholism and/or chemical dependency.

Our Pennsylvania Inpatient Treatment Center

Clearbrook Manor is an adult inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center in Pennsylvania that is designed to help addicts overcome their addictions and work toward long-term recovery. This process isn’t easy, but we will be with you every step of the way.

From a mountaintop in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Clearbrook Manor offers a panoramic view of the historic Wyoming Valley. During our drug and alcohol treatment programs, patients are able to escape the hustle and bustle of their normal lives and enjoy the peace and serenity of the nature surrounding them. Facilities include a dining hall, chef’s kitchen, office buildings, detox unit, meeting rooms, as well as clinical and administrative offices. Patients will also be surrounded by trained staff and support who are experts in their respective fields and available at all hours.

What to Expect During Our Residential Addiction Treatment

Our 28-day residential drug and alcohol treatment program is divided into two distinct components. To begin, most patients will undergo our medically monitored detox that includes round-the-clock support and medical support in case of emergency. The second part of our inpatient programs is residential addiction treatment. This program is based on the belief that alcoholism and chemical dependency are primary diseases. In order to overcome these diseases, patients need to heal and avoid distractions. During our residential drug rehab, patients will separate themselves from the outside world so that they can focus solely on overcoming their substance abuse problems.

Our approach to understanding and treating the disease of addiction is based largely upon the philosophy and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous, along with a variety of therapeutic techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing. Patients will partake in a variety of different treatments and therapies including both individual and group counseling conducted by primary counselors. In addition to individual and group sessions, patients participate in an intense daily schedule of activities including lectures, discussions, and special needs groups. Patients are also required to attend daily AA/NA meetings.

At Clearbrook Treatment Centers also known as Wilkes-Barre Treatment, we believe that just because your inpatient addiction treatment ends doesn’t mean your journey is over. Establishing a comfort level and familiarity with the various types of AA/NA meetings is key to assisting patients in developing a commitment to continue utilizing these meetings following their discharge from the Manor. Not only do we promote the continued participation of these types of meetings after patients leave, but we also have a rehab alumni program to promote continued sobriety. Patients will have the ability to connect with other alumni and this program creates a strong sense of support and community among our members.

Get Serious & Get Started

Whether greeted by summer green or autumn gold, visitors leave our Pennsylvania addiction rehab with the feeling that they have been somewhere special and that they have the tools needed for long-term sobriety. If you are ready to take that first step toward your own journey to sobriety, reach out to our Pennsylvania residential treatment center.

Contact Clearbrook Manor today to learn more about our customized treatment programs in Pennsylvania.

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