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Like other state governments, New York legislators realize there is a problem. Heroin and prescription opioid abuse has risen to epidemic proportions. New laws seek to address the issue, especially for those seeking addiction recovery.

Finding rehabilitation can be a tedious process. Casey remembers it well. She first starting using Percocet when she broke her arm. After a short while, the prescribed amount was no longer working. Casey increased the dosage on her own. She figured that she would just ask the doctor for more pills.

It didn’t quite work that way. The treating physician was concerned that Casey had gone through her pain medication too quickly. He was also worried about his professional license. The doctor refused to renew the prescription. So Casey called a few friends who had some extra pills.

The need for the opioids became more intense. It didn’t seem unreasonable to buy some Oxy to curb the pain. Unfortunately, Casey was wrong. It wasn’t just the cost that became unaffordable. Her tolerance also increased. Ultimately, Casey moved on to heroin, a cheaper alternative.

At the time, Casey was in college and still on her parent’s health insurance policy. She knew she needed to withdraw from the drugs. She couldn’t believe that she needed pre-authorization from the insurance company. It seemed to Casey that she was in crisis mode. The wait could only hurt her.

New York legislators agree with Casey’s contention. It will no longer be necessary to request pre-authorization for drug related withdrawal intervention. Learn how else New York laws are working to promote addiction recovery.

How else is New York Combating Heroin and Opioid Abuse Crisis?

Unfortunately, Casey is not alone in her situation. Many addicts are so frustrated with dealing with insurance companies that they put off sobriety. Some just give up entirely.

At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we realize that the insurance process can be a challenge. That’s why our trained staff does the legwork for our clients. We also think New York’s latest laws to promote addiction recovery will be of great assistance. Here are the items involving health benefits included in the new legislation package:

  • Allows for immediate access to necessary inpatient treatment without insurance pre-Authorization
  • Prohibits requirements for insurance preauthorization for medications used in conjunction with withdrawal or recovery
  • Calls for insurance companies to use objective state approved criteria when making decisions about insurance coverage
  • Mandates payments by insurance companies for Naloxone, which is used to revive patients from overdoses

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We’ve shared the changes to New York’s laws as they pertain to insurance benefits for addiction issues. The new laws also contain guidelines for medical providers that are of importance. We encourage individuals seeking addiction recovery to contact us here at Clearbrook. We want to provide you with the tools to your new beginning.




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