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Has your or your loved one’s drinking escalated beyond control? Do you find yourself obsessing over alcohol or prioritizing your drinking over everything else in your life? If so, then you may have an alcohol use disorder. Like other drug addictions, alcoholism does not happen from one day to the next, and it is not always obvious in the beginning. While a person may seem as if they are in full control, they will eventually find themselves unable to quit as their drinking increases. At this point, finding treatment is necessary. If you have a drinking problem or know someone who does, our alcohol rehab in PA can help. 

Warning Signs of Alcoholism 

No two people with alcohol use disorder are the same. While the criteria for or the signs of alcohol abuse are similar, the condition manifests itself differently in everyone. Some typical signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse include: 

  • Mediocre performance at school, work, and other responsibilities because of drinking alcohol 
  • Relationship problems due to drinking 
  • Continued alcohol consumption despite the negative impact it has on your relationships, health, career, or finances 
  • Engaging in risky behavior after drinking, such as fighting, driving, having unprotected sex, swimming, or operating heavy machinery 
  • Eventually requiring more alcohol to achieve the same effects 
  • Stealing or lying to obtain more alcohol 

If you notice that a loved one is exhibiting any of these signs, or if you find yourself matching these criteria in any way, then you may need help from our Northeast addictions treatment center. However, it is also important to note that not all people with alcohol abuse problems struggle to keep up with their responsibilities in the beginning.  

People with alcoholism who can keep up with their hygiene, careers, relationships, and other responsibilities are known as high-functioning alcoholics. These individuals may go a while without showing obvious signs of their drinking problem. Even so, even high-functioning alcoholics eventually hit a breaking point where they can no longer hide their condition nor keep it from affecting other areas of their life.  

The good news is that no matter how long you or a loved one has been battling alcoholism, our PA alcohol rehab offers a variety of services to assist our patients in overcoming their drinking problems and achieving sobriety. 

How Long Is Alcohol Rehab? 

Alcohol rehab programs may range in duration depending on the intensity of care the individual needs. Usually, however, alcohol rehab lasts for 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. Because there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment for alcoholism, clients must have multiple programs to choose from.  

There is also the matter of detox. Some patients require medically monitored detox before moving onto any therapeutic form of care to help them safely recover from withdrawals. Withdrawal symptoms, especially those of alcohol, can be highly uncomfortable and even life-threatening in severe cases. To prevent any complications, alcohol detox is recommended for patients with intense alcohol use disorders.  

The added step of detox could add to the duration of an individual’s treatment. There are also various levels of care, including residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient, each of which lasts for different periods. Our Clearbrook rehab centers specialize in residential treatment, which commonly ranges from 60 to 90 days.  

Our Alcohol Treatment Programs in Pennsylvania  

At Clearbrook Treatment Centers Pennsylvania, we know that the alcohol addiction recovery process is different for everyone. That is why we offer not only basic treatment necessities – such as alcohol detox and inpatient treatment – but also additional therapy programs to assist patients in psychological recovery from addiction, as well.  

Below are the numerous services offered at our alcohol rehab in PA to ensure clients are being treated for their physical and psychological symptoms. 

Medically Monitored Detox  

The first step of our Pennsylvania alcohol treatment is medically monitored detox. Medical detox refers to the process in which patients are weaned off drugs or alcohol under the supervision of medical personnel. Alcohol is one of the toughest and most dangerous substances to withdraw from, especially without medical assistance.   

Seizures (delirium tremens) are among the most dangerous withdrawals clients may experience during detox, which is why at-home attempts are not recommended. To ensure that our patients remain safe and healthy during this process, patients in our medical alcohol detox are offered 24-hour care along with medication (as needed) to treat their withdrawal symptoms.  

Inpatient Treatment 

Following medical detox, patients in our inpatient alcohol rehab in PA eventually move on to their formal addiction treatment programs. Our drug rehab in Pennsylvania offers residential drug treatment, during which patients live at the facility for the duration of their programs. Oftentimes, our patients’ conditions are severe and require 24-hour care.   

Residential alcohol treatment is a wonderful way to separate patients from distractions and triggers in their home environments and help them focus on their recovery. Common triggers and distractions may include old drinking buddies, unsupportive family members, and stressful home environments.  

As part of our Pennsylvania alcohol rehab, patients may also participate in the various drug therapy programs we have to offer, including addiction counseling, art therapy, biofeedback, and more. These are supplemental programs that are designed to focus on the mental and behavioral factors that have contributed to clients’ alcohol use disorders, such as mental illness, stress, the loss of a loved one, and others.  

Aftercare Services 

Because recovery is a lifelong commitment, we also offer aftercare services to patients who have completed their programs. In our alumni program, patients can interact with other members of the recovery community and learn from our leaders in group meetings. Because our alumni recovery sessions are arranged in group settings, patients can relate to others who are also going through similar experiences, encouraging them to share their struggles and achievements openly.  

If you find yourself struggling to control how much you drink, do not wait to get help. It is always better to ask for help sooner rather than later. Contact Clearbrook Treatment Centers today to learn more about our addiction treatment in Pennsylvania and how our team can help you achieve long-lasting sobriety. 

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