Addiction recovery is a never-ending journey.  When a person receives drug or alcohol treatment, they have to create boundaries and follow certain parameters to continuously sustain their sobriety. With that said, we know that patients who received treatment at our Clearbrook rehab in PA often struggle when on their own to apply the skills we’ve taught them, and that’s perfectly normal. Addiction is a disease consisting of physical and mental dependence on drugs and alcohol. These ties aren’t always easy to break nor to maintain once treatment is received. That’s why we offer an addiction alumni program in Pennsylvania to help patients who have graduated from our facility stay sober after rehab.

Our Rehab Alumni Program at Clearbrook Pennsylvania

As patients complete their medical detox treatment and eventually one of our drug treatment programs, they will be deemed healthy enough to stop their programs and go home. However, this step isn’t always easy. The transition from rehab to everyday life can be overwhelming. Patients may have family members or friends back home who might have contributed to their addiction or didn’t offer them support when they decided to get sober. Going back home to these relationships or to an environment that doesn’t supplement your sobriety increases the risk of relapse. That’s where our alumni program comes in.

After formal addiction treatment, patients often struggle with drug cravings, fear of relapse, negatively influential relationships, and other difficulties that can disrupt their progress. When patients are faced with these real-life situations, they may forget what they’ve learned at our facility or freeze up. Even years after rehab, patients may continue to struggle with these problems. It’s normal. Our alumni program in Pennsylvania offers individual and group therapy sessions where patients can talk out their struggles and receive encouragement from other alumni in recovery from addiction.

Additional Addiction Recovery Support

Not only does Clearbrook Treatment Centers Pennsylvania work as an alumni support center, but we also offer support for families of drug addicts who also were impacted by their loved ones’ addictions. Our family program works in tandem with our alumni program and other levels of addiction care because family support is important in addiction recovery. Often, the people closest to us have the most influence over our decisions and behaviors. The risk of relapse increases when an alumnus of recovery doesn’t have the support they need from their spouse or family members. For this reason, our family program in Pennsylvania offers family addiction counseling to help mend relationships broken by addiction.

Sobriety is a life-long journey that has many ups and downs. No one’s addiction recovery journey is perfect and having the right type of support makes all the difference. If you’ve received addiction treatment at one of our Clearbrook locations, our alumni program can offer you a safe space. In this program you will learn additional relapse prevention skills and simply receive the encouragement to continue progressing.

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