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Drug Rehab | Clearbrook Treatment Centers

Making the decision to attend a drug rehab program isn’t an easy one – whether you’re considering it for yourself or for a loved one struggling with a drug addiction or alcoholism, rehab can be a scary thought. But for many people it’s the first step in getting back on the road to recovery, and one of the most effective tools in drug therapy today.

Defining drug addiction is not a simple task, especially if the individual does not perceive themselves to be an addict. By definition, addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease, which is typically characterized by compulsive drug use and craving. If a person finds that they are craving a substance without the ability to control their usage, or becomes aggressive and/or depressed without it, it’s time to consider what drug rehab options are available, before it’s too late.

While you or your loved one may have the desire to stop using, it can be excruciatingly difficult to detach yourself from a lifestyle that is so encompassing without professional help. Furthermore, the pain of withdrawal symptoms and the risks associated with detoxing “cold turkey”, are no easy feat. Drug rehab centers can tailor treatment programs to the individual’s specific need, vastly increasing the chances of a successful recovery and keeping them on track throughout.

What Does Drug Rehab Entail?

Everyone’s story is different, and each requires a personal touch. While a method of treatment has worked for someone else, it might not work in your situation, hence the importance of committing to a medically-designed and treatment-orientated drug rehab program that can be transformed into a therapy plan to best benefit you.

There are many goals of drug rehabilitation in a treatment setting, and programs aren’t just intended to stop the individual from abusing, in fact it’s much more than that. Programs are designed to provide addicts with a safe and supportive place in which to begin their recovery, while at the same time guiding and preparing them for a stable life back in their home environment with their friends and family – a scenario that for many addicts often seems out of reach. Additionally, there are many that come to us in which their home environment is no longer conducive to their lifestyle of recovery. In those instances, we prepare a suitable aftercare program, where they will receive the tools necessary to maintain sobriety.

A program that concentrates on both drug rehabilitation as well as the emotional and personal side effects of drug abuse is the most effective way at transforming a sufferer into the member of society that they dream of being, whether it’s getting back to their former self or starting a whole new life, it’s possible to end the nightmare and start again with the right drug rehab.

Drug Rehab | Clearbrook Treatment Centers

Residential rehab programs involve the patient staying in the treatment facility for an allotted period of time, and are considered most effective when it comes to stopping drug use and preventing relapse. During such time, the patient would receive a customized detoxification protocol that will help ease the symptoms of withdrawal, followed by an extensive daily schedule of therapy programs. Those programs may include group and individual therapy, gender specific groups, and relapse prevention education. Recovery is a complete lifestyle change, and while an addict may want to stop using, it’s not as simple as making a snap decision. It requires educated guidance and medical help.

Why Is Aftercare Important?

Comparable to diabetes or cancer, drug addiction is a relapsing condition. One that can never be cured, but could be managed with the proper care and ongoing support systems put in place. Since many drug rehab centers only extend for a standard of 28 days, aftercare planning and development is crucial for ongoing and continuous recovery. One month of therapy in a controlled environment is simply not enough time, nor enough “practice” for many in early sobriety. A well thought out and thorough continued care plan can safeguard someone who is recently discharged from drug rehab, and further introduce and incorporate the necessary coping skills to maintain sobriety.

You may be wondering, what does aftercare consist of? Is it the same for everyone? There are several options available and different levels of care in regards to aftercare. Take Clearbrook for instance. We are considered an inpatient facility. This is usually the first step for many. At this point, many possibilities exist. Some include, but are not limited to, a PHP (partial hospitalization program), halfway house, sober living home, long-term inpatient program, outpatient, and private therapist. The length of stay for these specified levels of care can vary from one individual to the next, ranging from 30 days to one year or more.

So, does drug rehab actually work? It works if the individual is fully committed to putting forth the necessary effort to maintain their health, wellness, and ultimately, their sobriety. You have to look at it like this: You can’t expect to go to work and get paid, although you have done nothing, except show up. Eventually, your supervisor will write you up, giving you a warning, and if the behavior continues, you will be fired. It’s the same with recovery. It is the most important job a sober person has. They cannot expect to stay sober just for showing up at a meeting or entering drug rehab. There is work involved in the process. Rehab, therapy, aftercare programs, support groups, working with a sponsor, helping other people. To assume that drug rehab will “work” without all of its counterparts, is like assuming a car will run with an engine, but no battery, transmission, or alternator. Each part has its purpose, as does each phase in the recovery process.

Contact Clearbrook For Drug Rehab

Drug rehab programs have proven to be the most effective tool in treating substance abuse, from transitioning a user into the recovery stage and keeping them on track, to providing the tools necessary to prevent relapses in the future. For more than 40 years, Clearbrook Treatment Centers has been providing such treatment to the chemically dependent person and offering support and education to their families.

Our experienced professionals are trained to deal with all manner of addictions and the complications that come with them – call our Admissions Specialists today to kick start the first day of your recovery!




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