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Addiction recovery is a struggle for anyone, but for single parents, recovery can mean facing additional hurdles concerning the welfare of their children.  From finding a rehabilitation facility nearby to finding someone to care for the children, single mothers and fathers have concerns that others may not face while seeking treatment.  Here are a few of the situations that single parents may face while considering treatment options, and ways to overcome them.

Financial challenges

For many parents, just trying to make ends meet is the reality of day to day life.  Adding in the cost of rehab may seem like an impossibility.  Facing time away from work for detox and rehabilitation without pay can be a deal breaker for some.  There are more options out there than ever before, so rather than dismissing treatment, it is important to check with your insurance companies and employers to see what benefits you may be entitled to.  Some employers will allow you to take paid vacation time or short-term disability, and sometimes you may be eligible for FMLA.  After all, it is in their best interest to have employees that are fully functional and committed to their workplace.  Check with your human resources department or EAP to see what options are available for your addiction recovery.

Child Care

One of the biggest concerns, if not the biggest is who will care for the children while the main caretaker is away getting treatment.  Many people find the task of asking for help unappealing, and the cost of childcare can be prohibitive.  If the child’s other parent remains in the picture, while it may be hard to reach out, you may be surprised at the support you receive in asking for help.  Your child’s other parent wants and needs you to be well for the sake of their children, and they can help with childcare and other arrangements.  Close friends or grandparents may also be able to lend a hand.  Your addiction recovery greatly affects your children, and those who care about you will recognize this importance.

Risk of Losing Custody

For those without a supportive network to lean on, there is a real fear of losing custody.  It is important to remember though, that by completing a treatment program and getting healthy, you are only benefiting your children, not harming them.  It is very unlikely that a court of law would frown upon a mother or father being proactive in ensuring a better life for their children.  For those that have already had their children removed from their care, it is in your best interest to complete treatment in order to regain custody.


Unfortunately, there is still a stigma surrounding substance abuse, but you should know that by seeking treatment you are doing what is best for yourself and your family.  People should not view you negatively for getting help. You may be surprised at how many other parents are in addiction recovery themselves or struggle with other issues.  None of us are perfect, and by getting clean you are setting a wonderful example for your children and others around you.  There is no shame in that.             

Treatment Options

It can seem like there are not many options available to you, but at Clearbrook, we will work with you to find the best recovery path to suit your needs.  We view family treatment as a vital and necessary part of your addiction recovery and encourage family members to take advantage of the Clearbrook Family Program while treatment for a loved one is being completed. We also offer a Families Helping Families group that meets at several local locations. There are also many groups that are specifically for children with parents who have struggled with substance abuse.  Confident Kids Support Groups offers services for younger children, and Project Know is another family focused organization that can offer help and support.  Teachers, school counselors, and religious leaders may also be able to help find support groups and services for your children.

While it can be easy to give up and dwell on the seemingly endless number of obstacles in your way in order to seek treatment, please know that there is help available.  You must look toward the future and what is best for your children.  Losing a parent to drugs or alcohol is the last thing you would want for your child.  Please contact Clearbrook today so that we may help find a solution, and so that you can be there to raise your children in the best environment possible.  With the right support and guidance, you can make the right choices and ensure a bright future for your child.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Those around you who love you and care for your family want what is best for you.  Being a single parent is not easy, but caring for your children while in seeking addiction recovery is possible and worthwhile.

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If you or someone you love is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, please allow us to help. For more than 4 decades, Clearbrook Treatment Centers has been a leader in effective and quality substance abuse treatment. Furthermore, we believe treating the entire family unit is vital to the wellness of the addict and their loved ones. Thus, while you are getting the care you need, your family will be offered the support and education they need to recover as well. Please contact our Admissions Specialists today and get on the road to addiction recovery. We look forward to hearing from you.




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