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Choosing the right treatment facility for your addiction problems is a big challenge, chiefly because no one addiction center is right for everyone. Each patient has a unique situation with unique needs, so there’s no one size fits all solution. One of the biggest decisions you have to make regarding the right rehab center for your addiction issues is where it should be. While there are benefits to both in state and out of state rehab centers, we will focus on some of the advantages of getting rehabilitation close to, or even in, your hometown.

One mantra of rehabilitation that you’ll see consistently throughout this article is that you must be free of distractions in order to get effective treatment. Regardless of your individual situation, it’s extremely difficult to make it through a rehabilitation program effectively if you’re distracted. Remember this as you consider your choices.


As unfortunate as it may be, addiction treatment is expensive, with some 30 day addiction treatment programs running up to the 20 and 30 thousand dollar mark. Longer programs are even more expensive! In many cases, your insurance provider can dramatically reduce your out of pocket costs for rehab, but this isn’t always true. Insurance providers can have restrictions on what kinds of facilities they’ll work with, and not all facilities accept all insurance plans. Rehab costs can vary dramatically from region to region, with Floridian programs sometimes costing twice the national average. In cases like this, it may be simply impossible for a prospective patient to be able to afford treatment out of state, requiring in state rehabilitation. Even if a patient can afford out of state treatment, the difference in treatment quality may not justify the difference in price for that patient. Remember that rehab is not a one size fits all entity. Each and every patient has his or her own individual needs, and each patient must explore their options independently to find what’s best for them.


Treatment | Clearbrook Treatment CentersFor many, their family’s support is critical during the rehabilitation process. While not all patients will have supportive families, those that do will find that a family’s support is instrumental in the treatment and recovery process. For some patients, simply being able to see and hug their family members provides a significant emotional boost during treatment, making it that much easier to successfully complete a treatment program. Involvement from your family is crucial, and being able to receive vital support and assistance from them during treatment will vastly increase your chances of a successful recovery. However, you should consider whether or not your family will actually support you during the treatment process. If you feel that you won’t receive the help you need from your family, it can be beneficial to keep them removed from your recovery, as limiting distractions is crucial to success in rehabilitation.

Familiar Environment

For some, being in the same environment that they face addiction in can be a major problem. Being presented with toxicity and the same factors that triggered addiction in the first place can effectively undo the benefits of undergoing rehabilitation in the first place. However, this isn’t true for all patients. Some patients will enjoy a familiar environment, finding comfort in the area around their treatment center. On the contrary, being in a completely unfamiliar environment can led to stress as patients attempt to cope with their new surroundings. Again, this is just another distraction, and for those unable to deal with it, should be avoided. Remember that success in rehabilitation revolves around eliminating distractions, and any opportunity to mitigate or remove a distraction is one that should be taken seriously.


While inpatient treatment has proven itself to be more effective, leading to a higher recovery and success rates, some patients may choose to stay in outpatient care so that they can live outside of their treatment facility while still receiving the same individual attention and rehabilitation that they would if they lived in their facility. Having the freedom of living at home would also allow patients to continue some aspects of their normal lives and spend time with their friends, family, and other loved ones. Additionally, the comfort that your own home offers simply cannot be matched by an external facility. However, it should be noted that staying at home and in your own environment may not always have a positive effect on your treatment. For some, the toxic environment created at home is what leads to addiction in the first place. For these patients, it’s important to be aware of the positive and negative effects of receiving treatment at home.

And Finally…

Throughout this article, we’ve discussed a few reasons that in state rehab treatment may be beneficial. However, it’s important to remember that rehab is not one size fits all!

For some people, staying close to their families can be harmful, not beneficial. While some families may be supportive during the treatment process, others may actually hinder your treatment, providing you with negative feedback and criticism that’s detrimental to your treatment. Additionally, being at home can have negative effects as well, as a toxic home environment may be contributing to your addiction. Similarly, some people cannot easily handle the freedom that comes with being an outpatient, and they may end up back in a dangerous cycle that leads to drug abuse. Although there are a multitude of factors that go into choosing the right addiction treatment center for yourself or for a loved one, just remember that the ultimate goal of rehabilitation is to end your reliance on drugs. It’s very important to find the right facility that meets your needs while providing you with an affordable path to success. No one facility is right for everyone, so keep this in mind as you search.

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