Our Northeast addictions treatment center offers rehab for professionals battling with addiction through our Corporate Recovery Program. This program helps employers set up customizable addiction treatment for employees battling drug or alcohol abuse. Drug addiction and alcoholism can significantly impact a person’s ability to work, which can present serious problems for their employers. Certain high-stress careers are also highly associated with substance abuse, as many employees tend to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. Our Clearbrook rehab offers addiction treatment for professionals to support both the employer and the employee.

Benefits of Rehab for Working Professionals

Full-time employees with high-stress jobs are at risk of developing a drug or alcohol addiction. Some career professionals are more prone to substance abuse than others, such as:

  • Attorneys
  • Building Trades
  • Custodial Work
  • Executives
  • Farming
  • Firefighters
  • First Responders
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanics
  • Mining
  • Nurses
  • Oil Field
  • Physicians
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing

What often happens is that these professionals learn to live as high-functioning addicts, whether they realize it or not. This means they’re still capable of achieving career success while fulfilling their duties at home and within their relationships. A majority of professionals will only decide to undergo drug or alcohol treatment when they hit rock bottom.

Our rehab in Massachusetts creates a personalized treatment plan that caters to the individual’s needs. All of our addiction treatment plans are created based on the results of the patient’s clinical assessment, which is the first step before starting any treatment. This is done to determine the severity of the person’s substance use disorder, whether they’re medically stable, and whether residential mental health care is also required, among other things.

Additionally, our drug and alcohol rehab for professionals offers various benefits, including:

  • A dedicated phone line with 24/7 support
  • A smoother transition back into the workforce after treatment
  • A supportive community after rehab
  • Access to online work communication
  • Building stronger communication between the employer and the employee
  • Clearbrook’s assistance with paperwork (FMLA, Unions, and Human Resources)
  • Intensive and extremely focused, short-term treatment
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Privacy
  • Treatment from licensed professionals

Employee substance abuse forces other colleagues to pick up the slack, which means that one employee’s addiction could, unfortunately, affect the entire company. Our drug and alcohol treatment for professionals can help both the employee and the company as a whole.

Customized Addiction Rehab for Professionals

Our Massachusetts inpatient drug rehab knows that each patient’s experience with addiction is different, which is why we focus on creating a plan specifically tailored to their needs. For CEOs and supervisors, we offer a professional rehab program for employees that utilizes substance-specific treatment and addiction therapy programs to help them heal from the emotional and physical impact of substance abuse.

We also offer numerous substance abuse levels of care to ensure that every patient has a treatment option that works for them. These programs include medical detox, inpatient drug treatment, and

support for families of addicts.

Medical Detox

As our facility focuses on residential/inpatient care, most, if not all, patients who come to our rehab for treatment start with medically assisted detox. Detoxification is a process in which the individual is slowly weaned off of drugs or alcohol while receiving medication (as needed) and 24-hour care to manage withdrawal symptoms. This step reduces the risk of relapse and health complications along the way.

Residential Treatment

Following detox, patients then move onto the therapeutic portion of their residential programs. As they live on-site, patients will participate in individual and group therapy sessions with our licensed and trained professionals. During these sessions, clients will discuss their successes and struggles in recovery, as well as relapse prevention strategies, communication skills, and other ways to properly manage sobriety after rehab.

During treatment, patients may also participate in a variety of our addiction therapy programs, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), 12-step meetings, art therapy, biofeedback therapy, and more. These modalities are each designed to supplement our levels of care and address the psychological aspect of recovery.

Family Therapy

Addiction is a family disease, and we understand the impact that one person’s substance use can have on their loved ones. For this reason, our rehab for professionals also includes support groups for families of addicts, both in an individual and group setting. These sessions allow the spouses, parents, and children of patients to personally heal from the impact of addiction and reconnect with their loved ones as they recover.

For more information about our rehab for professionals or any other of our other options for Massachusetts substance abuse treatment, contact Clearbrook Treatment Centers today.

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