Levels of Care for Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Also referred to as levels of addiction treatment, the continuum of care for substance use disorders refers to a wide range of treatment options that allow patients to begin with the most intensive form of care and work their way down as they progress. Our Clearbrook rehab in Massachusetts offers various addiction treatment levels of care to prevent clients from falling through gaps in the system, which can lead to poor care and an increased risk of relapse. Below is more on our various levels of substance abuse treatment and how these can support you or a loved one through recovery.

Continuum of Care Definition

In the addiction treatment field, the continuum of care is defined as the process in which substance abuse treatment is administered according to intensity, starting with the most intensive forms of care to the least intensive according to the patient’s progress. In the continuum of addiction treatment, patients generally “step down” to less intensive levels of care as they recover. In this model, our team personalizes and adjusts clients’ treatment plans according to their needs, including any aftercare services they may require.

Imagine if a heart attack patient was treated during the incident and then sent home without additional services at a hospital. Most people would consider this a dangerous oversight that could leave room for additional complications. Yet, people with substance use disorders often receive fragmented care of a similar nature.

Ideal continuum of care levels for substance abuse will offer a wide array of services and specialties made available to patients both during and after their rehab programs to ensure their needs are met. Below is more on the addiction treatment levels of care we offer at our Massachusetts rehab and how they support long-term sobriety.

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Medically Assisted Detox

For patients who are considered medically unstable or are going through withdrawal symptoms, the first addiction level of care they start with is medically assisted detox. Before they can move on to individual and group counseling, most patients will undergo drug or alcohol detox to help them safely wean off the substance they were using.

This is a crucial step in the recovery process, as it addresses any painful and potentially life-threatening withdrawals. Our detox programs are led by a staff of medical personnel equipped to administer the proper medications and manage withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings. They are also able to act immediately if an emergency were to occur.

Residential Treatment Program

Following medically supervised detox, patients at Clearbrook then move on to our residential level of care. Our Massachusetts inpatient drug rehab separates patients from their everyday environments to help them focus on their recovery. The program lasts 28 days or longer, depending on the needs of the individual.

Addiction triggers often present themselves the most in the person’s home or where they spend most of their time outside of rehab. Separating them from these potential triggers can promote recovery. Patients in our residential treatment program live on campus and receive 24-hour care, during which they’re able to engage in various forms of individual and group therapies.

Mental Health Residential Treatment

Not only do we offer inpatient treatment for substance abuse, but our facility also offers residential mental health care that addresses conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and more. As patients in our residential drug treatment live on-site through the duration of their programming to receive 24-hour care and counseling, clients in our residential mental health program also live at our facility until the completion of their care.

In addition to medication management, clients in our inpatient mental health program receive individual therapy, so they can work on personal healing and addressing emotional and behavioral patterns that contribute to worsening symptoms. Clients in this program also work in groups to receive peer support and learn from others who are recovering from similar disorders.

Family Program

Because addiction does not only affect the individual, we also offer family therapy as part of our continuum of care levels to promote recovery for parents, spouses, and siblings, as well as our clients. Our family program offers support for families of addicts so they can cope with the effect substance abuse has had on their lives.

Not only can watching a loved one suffer from addiction be heartbreaking and emotionally exhausting, but it can also break down relationships and weaken the support of the family in recovery. Having the support of loved ones in recovery is crucial, and a lack of it can make it especially difficult for a recovering addict to stay sober long-term. Our support groups for families of addicts at Clearbrook Massachusetts promote healing within the family unit under the guidance of a licensed therapist.

Stabilization Program

Our Massachusetts drug rehab understands that relapse is a part of recovery. Because of this, we provide a thorough stabilization program that aims to provide participants with the skills and knowledge they need to avoid relapse and maintain long-term sobriety.

Our stabilization program focuses on overcoming the particular difficulties each person could experience during this crucial stage in order to lay a strong foundation for recovery. It includes creating a unique relapse prevention plan, which is an important part of our therapy. Our skilled team closely collaborates with individuals to pinpoint their unique relapse-prone triggers, weaknesses, and habits.

A Personalized Recovery Experience

We understand how crucial it is to give each patient a healing experience that is customized to meet their specific needs. We recognize that every person’s road to recovery is unique, which is why we provide a full spectrum of care levels and a range of therapeutic programs to cater to varied needs.

In order to ensure that patients receive the best care and support on their road to recovery, personalization is essential. We can meet the unique difficulties, preferences, and circumstances of each patient by personalizing our services. We may create treatment plans using this individualized method that considers each patient’s unique goals, assets, and opportunities for growth.

Another method of personalization that we employ is the inclusion of different therapy methods. We work to provide a wide variety of therapeutic options, from individual counseling to group therapy sessions, holistic approaches, and specialized programs. This enables us to respond to the various requirements of our patients and give them the resources and assistance they require to experience a long-lasting recovery.

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