At Clearbrook Treatment Centers Massachusetts, we offer various levels of care for addiction treatment. Our substance abuse services provide patients with a unique and comprehensive level of treatment that we believe will address every facet of their substance abuse disorder. Each of our levels of care is led by our trained and licensed staff members who prioritize patients’ health, safety, and needs. Because everyone’s experience with addiction is different, we wanted to offer a variety of addiction treatment services to ensure we can help every person that walks through our doors. As a Joint Commission Accredited addiction treatment center, we pride ourselves in providing safe and effective substance abuse care.

safe heroin detoxMedically Assisted Detox

Our customized levels of care at Clearbrook Massachusetts include our medically monitored detox. Before receiving treatment in an inpatient rehabilitation program, most patients will undergo a detox treatment to help them safely wean off of the drug or alcohol they were using. This is a crucial step in the recovery process. Most substances are difficult to detox from, and those who attempt to detox at home increase their risks of experiencing health complications. Our detoxification treatments are led by a staff of medical personnel equipped to administer the proper medications and manage withdrawal symptoms. They are also able to act immediately if an emergency were to occur.


Residential Treatment Program

Following a detox treatment, patients will usually begin residential treatment. Our residential treatment program is an inpatient rehab program that separates patients from their everyday environments to help them focus on their recovery. Addiction triggers often present themselves the most in the person’s home or where they spend most of their time; separating them from these potential triggers can promote recovery. Patients in our residential treatment program will live on campus and receive 24-hour care. Our levels of care are not only focused on getting patients sober but also on teaching them how to sustain their sobriety long after they’ve completed addiction treatment with us.


Family Program

Because addiction doesn’t only affect the individual, we also wanted to include a family program in our levels of care at Clearbrook Massachusetts. Our family program is centered on helping patients’ family members cope with the effect substance abuse had in their lives. Watching a loved one struggle with an addiction can be heartbreaking and mentally exhausting. Addiction can also break down relationships and prevent the individual from receiving support from their loved ones. Family support in addiction recovery is crucial, and a lack of it can make it especially difficult for a recovering addict to stay sober long-term. Our family program at Clearbrook Treatment Centers Massachusetts promotes healing within the family unit under the guidance of a licensed therapist.

At our drug and alcohol rehab center in Massachusetts, our goal is to help each patient achieve their recovery goals through the use of safe and effective treatments. Our rehab facility in Baldwinville offers comfort, care, and help to those who want to change their lives for the better. Contact us today to learn more about our levels of care and additional programs.

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