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Addiction and recovery journeys are never the same for patients. Though people may share the same addiction, the reasons why they are at this point and how they want to overcome their addictions are different. This is why at Clearbrook Massachusetts, we offer unique addiction therapy services to help with each individual’s recovery needs. Regardless of the type of substance use disorder that is being faced, our substance abuse therapy programs are designed to help make the entire process a smooth and healing one.

Addiction Therapy Programs at Clearbrook Massachusetts

Addiction can take many forms and behaviors. Typically, addiction involves a repeated activity despite the problems or negative consequences it might cause or already be causing. Addiction can change the brain’s wiring, making it difficult to quit drug or alcohol abuse. The good news is that there are many addiction therapy services available at our Massachusetts inpatient drug rehab that can address these issues and help clients adjust to sobriety.

Below are the different types of drug and alcohol addiction therapy models we utilize at Clearbrook. 

12-Step Program

The 12-step program was originally founded by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to assist patients who were receiving alcohol treatment. Today, the 12-step program is used to treat various substance abuse disorders. As a form of drug therapy, the 12-step method not only promotes recovery from addiction but also has a spiritual undertone that assists patients in their spiritual and psychological healing.

Art Therapy

Another form of drug therapy offered at Clearbrook is art therapy. This is an effective program in which patients use art to communicate their thoughts and feelings while self-evaluating to better understand their condition. During substance abuse therapy, it can be hard to fully communicate and put thoughts and feelings into words. For this reason, our art therapy program gives patients in recovery another way to express themselves better.

Addiction Counseling

When it comes to drug addiction therapy, there is more to it than just physically overcoming a dependence on drugs or alcohol. Addiction recovery is a mental process, as well. That’s why we also offer individual addiction counseling where patients can have one-on-one discussions with their counselors to gain self-awareness and develop relapse prevention skills they’ll need to sustain their sobriety after rehab. We also offer addiction group therapy where clients can meet others in recovery and receive and give peer support.

Family Therapy for Addiction

In addition to individual addiction therapy services, our facility also offers counseling for the loved ones of our patients. Not only can substance abuse impact the parents, siblings, and spouses of our clients, but it’s also important for clients to have a strong support system when they go back home after rehab. Therapists in our family therapy program will work with the spouses, siblings, and parents of clients individually and together with the patients to address boundaries, enabling behavior, codependence, and more.


Biofeedback is one of the more unique therapy programs we offer. This therapeutic technique is used to treat many different types of ailments, including anxiety, ADHD, chronic pain, and more. In this program, patients learn how to identify and manage physiological functions associated with their addiction. During this program, patients will use a machine called a serenity bed, which uses auditory and visual cues to help them relax. Biofeedback is one of the most effective methods of drug therapy to help relax a patient during the recovery process.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Among our special programs and therapies is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is a form of psychotherapy that’s used to address the underlying emotional and mental causes of addiction. The focus of CBT is to teach patients how to become their own therapists. This means they’ll develop self-awareness, learn about the contributing factors of their conditions, and develop coping skills that can help them change their thinking, negative emotions, and self-destructive behavior.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is another form of psychotherapy that was developed from CBT. DBT treatment focuses on helping the individual identify the emotions linked to their addiction and learn how to work through them. Substance abuse disorders are as emotional as they are physical, which is why it’s important to work through each aspect of their disorder. Our licensed therapists are here to guide and help patients through the emotional ties of addiction and learn how to cut them.

Corporate Recovery Program

Our Corporate Recovery Program is another successful special program and therapy option that Clearbrook Massachusetts offers. This program allows employers to get their employees the help they need to recover from their drug or alcohol addictions. As an employer, it can be tough to decide how best to help your employees work through their drug or drinking problems. While you don’t want your other employees to be affected, you also want to help your team members recover so they can regain their health and rejoin your company. The goal of our rehab for employees is to help patients recover from addiction and rejoin the workforce as productive employees.

LGBTQ+ Addiction Treatment

Here at our drug rehab in Massachusetts, we know that members of the LGBTQ+ community face additional obstacles compared to others outside of the community. Individuals in this community struggle with addiction at higher rates than those outside the community due to the stressors they often face in their day-to-day lives. Our LGBTQ+ addiction treatment program is centered on helping these individuals overcome the societal and physical obstacles that can add more stress and exacerbate their substance use disorders.

Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Women

We understand the unique challenges faced by pregnant women dealing with substance use disorders. Our specialized rehab program for pregnant women is designed to provide comprehensive care that considers both the health of the mother and the well-being of the unborn child. Under the guidance of experienced healthcare professionals, we offer tailored addiction therapy, prenatal care, and mental health support. Our goal is to ensure a safe and supportive environment for pregnant women to embark on their journey to recovery, promoting both maternal and fetal health.

Addiction Treatment for First Responders

First responders, including paramedics, firefighters, and law enforcement personnel, often face unique stressors and trauma in the line of duty. Our rehab program for first responders recognizes the specific challenges they encounter and provides specialized care to address their mental health and addiction recovery needs. Our experienced team is trained to understand the demands of their profession and offers a supportive environment where first responders can receive tailored therapy, counseling, and coping strategies. The program aims to facilitate a holistic recovery, empowering first responders to regain control over their lives and mental well-being.

Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Professionals from various fields may find themselves grappling with substance use disorders, jeopardizing their personal and occupational well-being. Our rehab program for professionals is designed to meet the unique needs of individuals in demanding careers. Our program, recognizing the importance of maintaining professional responsibilities, offers discreet and confidential addiction treatment. With a focus on preserving career trajectories, we provide personalized therapy, counseling, and support to help professionals navigate the challenges of recovery while maintaining their professional standing. Our goal is to facilitate a successful transition to a life of sobriety without compromising their career aspirations.

Relapse Prevention Program

At Clearbrook Massachusetts, we prioritize not only the initial stages of recovery but also the long-term success of our clients. Our comprehensive relapse prevention program is tailored to equip individuals with the tools and strategies needed to maintain sobriety beyond their time in rehab. Through personalized counseling, education, and support, we empower clients to identify triggers, develop coping mechanisms, and build a resilient mindset. Our goal is to instill confidence in individuals, ensuring they have the skills necessary to navigate the challenges of everyday life without succumbing to the temptations of substance use.

Veterans’ Addiction Treatment

Our commitment to serving those who have served is reflected in our specialized addiction treatment program for veterans. Veterans often face unique challenges, including trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can contribute to substance use disorders. Our experienced team, including therapists familiar with military culture, provides tailored therapy, counseling, and support to address the specific needs of veterans. With a focus on understanding the complexities of military service, our program aims to facilitate a healing journey for veterans, supporting their recovery and successful reintegration into civilian life.

Gender-Specific Groups

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we offer gender-specific therapy groups to create a supportive and understanding environment. These groups provide a space for individuals to share experiences, challenges, and triumphs with others of the same gender. Led by experienced therapists, gender-specific groups address unique aspects of recovery for men and women. This approach fosters a sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding, enhancing the effectiveness of therapy and support. By tailoring our approach to the specific needs of each gender, we aim to create an inclusive and empowering atmosphere for all individuals on their journey to recovery.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a client-centered therapeutic approach employed at our Massachusetts drug rehab to inspire and enhance individuals’ intrinsic motivation for positive change. Our skilled therapists utilize MI techniques to engage clients in open and non-confrontational conversations, exploring their motivations, values, and goals. Through reflective listening and collaborative discussions, we empower individuals to identify their reasons for pursuing recovery. Motivational interviewing is an effective tool in promoting self-discovery and strengthening the commitment to lasting positive change, aligning with our holistic approach to addiction treatment.

Faith in Recovery Program

For those seeking a spiritually grounded approach to addiction recovery, our Faith in Recovery Program offers a pathway that integrates faith and healing. This program recognizes the significance of spirituality in the recovery journey and provides a supportive environment for individuals to explore and strengthen their faith. Rooted in a belief that spiritual well-being is interconnected with overall wellness, the Faith in Recovery Program incorporates prayer, mindfulness, and faith-based counseling. Our experienced team respects and supports individuals of diverse faith backgrounds, fostering a space where spirituality can play a central role in the recovery process. The program aligns with our commitment to providing personalized and inclusive care, acknowledging the diverse needs and beliefs of our clients.

Alumni Program

Once you have completed a program with us, it doesn’t mean that the recovery process is over. Our alumni program is here for additional support as you continue your journey. Keeping up with your sobriety outside of rehab can be intimidating and often scary, and that is why we are here to help. Not only do alumni in this program enjoy the benefits of individual therapy sessions, but they also have the opportunity to connect with others in the recovery community through our addiction group therapy.

Our mental health and addiction therapy models are designed with our patient’s needs in mind. For more information about our special programs and therapies or our Massachusetts substance abuse treatment, contact Clearbrook Treatment Centers today.