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The first year of sobriety is crucial; this is the time when you’re transitioning from rehab to daily life. There are plenty of things that can damage the progress you’ve made and put you back at square one. Relapse is common in people who are working towards that one year clean and sober mark. In order to make this process as easy as possible for you or a loved one, our drug rehab in Pennsylvania has offered a list of things to avoid in your first year of sobriety. 

What Not to Do in the First Year of Sobriety

Building a new identity after addiction and developing independence can be challenging. The first year in recovery often requires a lot of difficult changes. While this process may put you through an emotional rollercoaster, it’ll always be worth it. 

Keep in mind this list of things to avoid in your first year of sobriety.

Avoid Self-Isolation

While it’s normal to avoid events or get-togethers that involve drugs, alcohol, or even certain people, it doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself from everyone. Being alone too often, especially during such a crucial phase of your recovery, can actually increase your chances of relapse. Aside from boredom, loneliness is one of the biggest threats to recovery and should be avoided as much as possible. 

Don’t Overeat

Weight gain is common in addiction recovery, especially within the first year; however, gaining some unwanted pounds can lead to obesity and health complications in the future. Taking care of your health in sobriety is important, so you should avoid managing stress with food. Instead, make sure you’re following a clean diet, exercising regularly, and visiting a mental health professional to find out how to better manage your stress. 

Don’t Hang Out with the Same People

Spending time with the same people you used to drink or do drugs with is a major no-no. You can’t continue with the same routine you had before rehab. It’s difficult to spend time with people who still drink or use drugs without jumping back into addiction. Instead, try making new sober friends and join support groups where you can connect with others on a similar sobriety journey.

Avoid Dating

While some people are married or have long-term partners outside of rehab, those who are single after drug or alcohol addiction treatment should keep it that way for at least the first year of their recovery. It’s easy to become attached to someone in times of need, but focusing on yourself during this time is crucial. Starting a new relationship in this phase of recovery can raise a few complications and a difficult breakup could also push you back into addiction. 

Don’t Be Overly Confident 

Remember, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. If you aren’t able to be around someone who drinks or does drugs, there’s no shame in admitting it. Do not think that avoiding certain places and people means you lack the willpower to abstain from drinking or drugs. Being overly confident is dangerous and can put you in situations that threaten your sobriety. Instead, use this vulnerable time in your recovery journey to start fresh.

Don’t Be Secretive

Secrets can cause a lot of stress and potentially ruin some of your healthiest relationships. Whether it’s about your addiction recovery or not, you should always be honest about your feelings and actions. Keeping secrets may also prevent a loved one from holding you accountable. If you don’t feel comfortable around a certain friend or person, share that with someone you’re close to so they can help you avoid any uncomfortable situations.

Don’t Neglect Other Things You Love

In the first year of recovery, it’s easy to immerse yourself in sober-related topics and forget about the other things you used to enjoy that didn’t involve drugs or alcohol. While sobriety is a priority, it isn’t the only aspect of your life; there are other things just as important as staying clean.

One of the many reasons to get sober is to find joy in even the simplest things, like going to the movies with a friend. There are plenty of things to avoid in your first year of sobriety, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the rest of your life; just find ways to do the things you love a little differently so you can maintain your sobriety.

At our Pennsylvania rehab center, we offer a variety of substance abuse treatments and therapies, including our residential treatment program. If you or someone you know is combating addiction, take the first step towards recovery today by calling us at 570-536-9621


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