Relapse Prevention Program at Clearbrook Massachusetts

Relapse prevention is highly important after treatment and is a crucial aspect of drug and alcohol rehab. The challenges connected to maintaining sobriety do not go unnoticed at our Northeast addictions treatment center. Our medical staff understands recovering from a substance is a life-long commitment. Yet, living a productive and purposeful life is worth the hardships of neglecting to act on fleeting cravings. Relapse is often a common occurrence for people who finished treatment and entered daily life in a new light. An unyielding relapse prevention plan can ensure guidance and encouragement, so individuals can stay firm with sustaining their recovery.

What Is Relapse Prevention?

The goal of substance abuse relapse prevention is to embolden individuals to recognize the signs of a potential relapse and apply the knowledge and strength received from treatment. Self-awareness is vital, so a person can avoid relapsing. Maybe missing a get-together during the holidays or hosting your sober parties is necessary so that you can protect yourself from drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Acquiring relapse prevention skills will support the long committed recovery. After leaving the treatment facility, do not think that group therapy, mindfulness meditation, or keeping track of your triggers ceases to be applied. A relapse prevention plan can teach a person to notice the warning signs during situations, such as a rise in stress level, and channel the feelings of temptation to a more positive viewpoint.

From Drug to Alcohol Relapse Prevention Plan

Our relapse prevention program at Clearbrook Massachusetts focuses on educating patients on strategies and skills to prevent relapse throughout life through many levels of care. Our licensed professionals understand that it is less troubling to stay sober thanks to medically monitored detox, like our opiate detox, and supervision throughout the treatment process. Yet, life struggles or celebrations can easily influence a person to relapse. Therefore, the overall mission is to learn and apply the individualized relapse prevention plan so relapsing is avoided.

Prevent Relapse With the Help From Our Massachusetts Drug Rehab Programs

Clearbrook’s relapse prevention program is a complimentary plan of strategies and action. The program is available to patients who have completed one of our levels of addiction care or substance-specific treatments and require additional guidance and motivation. Our goal is to help patients get sober and stay sober.


If you are interested in our relapse prevention services or any of our drug or alcohol treatment programs, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our medical staff who can answer any questions that you may have. From residential treatment to our special programs and therapies, we have you covered!



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