At Clearbrook Treatment Centers Massachusetts, patients normally start their recovery with our medically monitored detox programs. During drug or alcohol detox treatment, patients are slowly weaned off these substances to support their physical recovery from addiction. It’s common for long-term drug or alcohol users to experience withdrawal symptoms when they quit using. These symptoms are the body’s physical reaction to not having these substances in its system. The discomfort of withdrawals is one of the main reasons people leave rehab early, but our detox programs at Clearbrook Massachusetts can prevent that. By offering a clean and safe environment where patients can receive 24-hour care and medical assistance, as needed, to reduce the severity of their withdrawals, they’ll feel more motivated to move forward to substance-specific addiction treatment.

Our Medical Detox Treatment in Massachusetts

Finding detox facilities in MA for yourself or a loved one can be overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which one will be the best fit? At our Clearbrook rehab in Massachusetts, we utilize the safest methods of detox addiction treatment. Our patients deserve the best, and that’s what we deliver.

Drug detox programs are essential to improve not only physical recovery but also long-lasting sobriety. As previously mentioned, withdrawal is the body’s natural reaction to not having the drugs or alcohol it’s so used to consuming. This process can be not only highly uncomfortable but also life-threatening. Certain substances like opioids and alcohol are known for producing intense withdrawal symptoms that can quickly escalate without guidance. Although at-home detox may seem like an easier option, it increases your risk of landing in the hospital with health complications.

Instead of risking it, try one of our drug detox programs. Each of our detox addiction treatment methods is medically monitored, meaning our medical staff offers 24-hour care and medical assistance to mitigate withdrawal symptoms, as needed. Below is a list of detox programs we offer at our Clearbrook drug rehab in Massachusetts.

Alcohol Detox 

During alcohol detox treatment, any traces of alcohol are completely flushed from the patient’s system. Withdrawal symptoms usually occur, which would be monitored by our amazing medical staff. Alcohol withdrawals can be difficult to overcome on your own, reducing the likelihood of sticking with treatment. However, our alcohol detox program makes this stage of recovery as smooth as possible, after which they can move forward to our alcoholism treatment.

Benzo Detox 

Benzodiazepines are central nervous system depressants used to treat a variety of conditions. Like other CNS depressants, benzos are also highly addictive and can be difficult to withdraw from. At our drug rehab in Massachusetts, we offer a benzo detox treatment specifically designed to help patients with benzo addictions safely overcome withdrawal. Once this step is completed, patients then move onto our benzo treatment program.

Cocaine Detox

Cocaine is known for its stimulating high. Some common side effects of cocaine include increased alertness, euphoria, and an increased sense of confidence. Unfortunately, millions of Americans have been roped into the false promises of cocaine and have found themselves caught in addiction. Our cocaine detox treatment is the first step to treating this disease, during which patients can receive medical care to ensure their safety and recovery. Afterward, they can then enjoy further recovery guidance in our cocaine treatment.

Heroin Detox

Heroin is an addictive opioid that targets the brain by stimulating the release of chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, both of which boost mood and stimulate the reward pathway. Heroin’s mechanism of action is the reason it’s so addictive and why so many people have succumbed to it. Fortunately, our detox programs at Clearbrook MA also include a medically assisted heroin detox that proceeds our heroin treatment to ensure all traces of the drug are released.

Meth Detox

Like cocaine, methamphetamine is a CNS stimulant that produces a euphoric and energetic high. Meth’s effects on the brain make it a highly addictive and commonly abused drug. The best way to quit meth is by starting your recovery with our meth detox in Massachusetts. This program opens the door to sobriety by offering a safe place to withdraw from this drug. Our medical staff offers 24-hour care to our detox patients to ensure their safety and progression into meth treatment.

Opiate Detox

Opioids have contributed to a drug crisis in the United States that began in the 1990s. Since then, millions of Americans have suffered from opioid addiction, drug overdoses, and drug-related deaths. Our opioid detox is held in a safe and relaxing environment where patients have everything they need to feel as comfortable as possible. Our staff of medical personnel strives to make sure that patients’ vitals and withdrawal symptoms are under control.

Prescription Pill Detox

Our prescription pill detox covers a multitude of addictive prescription drugs. Prescription drug abuse is linked to the opioid epidemic and is a more common habit than you may think. Although these drugs are prescribed by doctors, they too have a high potential for addiction. This disease, in any form, can negatively impact a person’s health, relationship, and career. Those who are battling an addiction to medications can begin their recovery with our prescription pill detox.

From detox to addiction treatment to drug addiction therapy, our Clearbrook rehab offers everything a person needs to recover from addiction. Contact us now for more information about our drug and alcohol treatment in Massachusetts.


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