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As a Clearbrook rehab in Massachusetts, we know that celebrating holidays in recovery can be difficult. You may have relied on drugs or alcohol to have fun before going to rehab, so how can you have fun without them? Redefining your idea of fun is all part of the recovery process. There are certain changes you have to make in your lifestyle to support long-term sobriety. Since summer is almost here, we wanted to share some tips on how to host a sober 4th of July party or get together with your loved ones.


5 Easy Tips For Staying Sober This Fourth Of July

Fourth of July (Independence Day) is a time for fun and celebration. But for those overcoming addiction, it can be another difficult day on their calendar. The risk of substance abuse is particularly high on this day, so much so that even the U.S. Department of Transportation deems the 4th of July one of the deadliest holidays of the year as a result of drunk-driving crashes.1 So, how can you celebrate with friends and family without relapsing? Here are five tips on how to host a sober 4th of July and celebrate this year without ruining your progress.


1 – Be Wise About Who You’re Inviting

While you may want to have all of your loved ones at your party or get-together, it’s important to be wise about who’s on the guest list. Many people have that one family member (or two) who tend to overindulge in alcohol during family celebrations. If you’re worried that a friend or family member won’t be respectful of your recovery or may tempt you to drink, then it’s okay not to invite them. Associating with others who use drugs or alcohol is one of the main reasons addicts struggle in recovery. They may feel offended for a bit, but part of hosting a sober fourth of July or any kind of event is creating a plan that works for you. In our relapse prevention program at Clearbrook Treatment Centers Massachusetts, we stress to patients that they have to be wise in who they spend their time with, even if it means putting some distance between themselves and their family or friends.


2 – Have an Accountability Partner

Whether you’re a guest at the event or the host of it, it’s important to have an accountability partner. This is someone who will keep you accountable for your actions and be there to remind you of your end goal. It can be easy to get caught up in the moment, even when celebrating the 4th of July in recovery. Having a sponsor, friend, or family member who’s aware of your recovery and is there for you in moments where you may feel tempted or overwhelmed can mean the difference between staying sober and relapsing.


3 – Do Not Fall for the “Just One Won’t Hurt” Trap

If you prefer to invite everyone to your party, do not fall for the “just one won’t hurt” trap. Yes, one will definitely hurt. Recovery from drugs and alcohol means completely abstaining from them. It only takes one drink or drug to reset the clock and take you back to square one. Always be prepared to say no if offered a drink or pill, and advise the person who asked not to ask you again.


4 – Do Not Allow Your Guests to Bring Alcohol

Make it clear that you’re having a sober party. Even if these are last-minute plans for the 4th of July, be sure to text or call all guests and let them know that they cannot bring any alcohol. Guests often want to contribute to the party. If this is the case, tell them to bring sodas, juice, sparkling water, ice, desserts, or anything else that doesn’t involve alcohol.


5 – Go to a 12 Step Meeting

Going to a 12-step meeting the day before or the day of your sober fourth of July party is a great way to stay focused. Twelve-step group sessions offer reminders of why you’re in recovery and the repercussions of relapsing. If you need an extra boost of support, confidence, and discipline, attend a meeting before your party.


There will be plenty of holidays to celebrate during your recovery, so it’s important not to be afraid of them. You don’t have to avoid people, parties, or holidays in recovery. You do have to be cautious. If you’re someone who’s struggling with addiction, we can help you. Call Clearbrook Massachusetts now at 570-536-9621 for more information about our residential treatment program.


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