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When I needed help I was looking for a drug rehab in Pennsylvania. A drug rehab in New York or a drug rehab in New Jersey would have suited me fine too. Clearbrook has changed my life. The staff there helped me realize that I needed help with my alcohol and drug problem. Today and now three and a half years later my life does not compare to the way it used to be.

Since 1972, the renowned Clearbrook Treatment Centers have been providing effective treatment programs for adults and adolescents who suffer from alcoholism and/or chemical dependency. Clearbrook’s rehabilitation program is based upon the belief that alcoholism and chemical dependency is a primary disease and that the suffering addict and his or her family members deserve immediate help.

Clearbrook Treatment Centers : The best Pennsylvania In-patient Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment Center, Adolescent Drug Rehab & Teen Drug Abuse Center in the Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, St Louis and Chicago areas : A proven 28 Day Treatment Program in our in-patient drug & alcohol abuse treatment center.

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