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Addiction | Clearbrook Treatment CentersThe day has finally arrived that your family and friends have decided they’ve suffered far too long watching you destroy your life, while allowing your addiction to slowly kill you. They can no longer witness the ongoing catastrophe you are directing. They’ve come together to share their thoughts and offer you the opportunity to get help. Their heartfelt stories all seem so surprising yet refreshing, as you realize that even throughout all the fighting and heartache, they honestly do care for you, and their emotions strongly represent that this day. That evil voice in your head seems faint for at least a few minutes, for which you feel alive and can almost entirely remember what it was like to feel loved and cared for, and how happy that made you for what seems like forever ago…

And then there it is again, after just a few short minutes, the voice comes back. It has all kinds of stuff to say to you that seems to make so much more sense than what your loved ones have been saying to you. Let’s be real, they have no idea what it’s like to be in your shoes, so it’s fair to say that they’re all just living in a fantasy world where they think that getting treatment is as easy as simply saying, “yes”.  They’re crazy, right? What gives them the right to sit there and tell you what’s best for you? They have no idea what you’re dealing with, nor how hard it would be for you to just quit everything “cold-turkey”.  It seems like they need an intervention to help them mind their own business instead of meddling around in yours, wouldn’t you agree?…

The truth is, they do care, that’s why they’re there in the first place. Your voice is playing tricks on you and you aren’t willing to stand up to it. The idea that everyone would take the time out of their day to ruin your life is ludicrous. The fact that you think their lecturing and pleading with you to get you to get help is selfish, well that’s just wrong. The reasoning behind their actions is rooted from their love and fear that they have for you. Here’s an example of what they are experiencing… Imagine you’re walking down the street with your mom, dad, brother, sister, daughter or son, when all the sudden a car swerves off the road and is headed right in your direction. Your immediate reaction is to grab your loved one and physically throw them and yourself out of the path, during which your loved one breaks their arm as they fall. Here’s a few questions to reflect on regarding this scenario…

Did you throw your loved one out of the way because you were being selfish and your plan was to be viewed as a hero? Its nuts to even ask that question! Did you get enjoyment out of the fact that you broke their arm in the process? C’mon now with these dumb questions, right?! The only thing selfish about that scenario was the fact that your love and fear for your loved one caused you to react and make an attempt to protect what is important to you. Your decision to take physical action came from deep inside of your heart. The only true selfish act that could’ve taken place in that situation was if you had decided that you were only going to save yourself by running away and leaving your loved one to get hit by the car.

As your family and friends are watching you battle addiction, the same thing that you would have done in that hypothetical scenario, is precisely what they are trying to do to save your life. They need to act regardless if you encounter some inconvenient stress along the way, because the result is your life being saved. The only thing selfish that they could do is to turn their back on you and not care about whether you end up dead or not. And, if along the way you must endure some withdrawal symptoms, well, it’s a small price to pay to have you in their lives for many years to come.

The voice of addiction inside of you is the selfish one. It doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t offer you positive guidance. Its only motive is to get you to pick up that next drink, snort that next line, smoke that next pipe, or shoot that next bag. It only has a one-track mind. The more you listen to it, the more silent your voice of reasoning becomes. It has an uncanny ability to get you to buy-in to whatever it is trying to sell. It has a keen sense of timing, as it only ever seems to have something to say right when you could’ve avoided trouble, but instead it gets you to ignore consequences. It doesn’t pay attention to how much someone else matters to you. The voice of addiction tells you that it’s ok to take a little bit more since you don’t feel anything yet. Although it doesn’t care about you, it tells you that you’re going to be alright, pushing you to have another drink or smoke a little bit more. But here’s one thing to consider… The evil voice inside your head won’t be at your funeral crying next to the rest of your friends and family. It won’t be held accountable for anything that happens to you.

So, how do you stand up to that voice? The moment you realize what your life is worth to you, the moment that you decide that everything and everyone you have in your life is truly important, the moment you say NO to that voice inside your head, that’s when you begin to change. Although temptation may creep in from time to time to remind you of the “good ol’ days”, you’ll have the tools to fight against addiction and that negative voice.

So if your family and friends have come together to intervene on your addiction, please accept the help they are offering. Remember, they are doing it because they love you, not because they want you to feel ambushed or betrayed. Many unfortunately do not get the gift you are receiving, so take advantage of it. Seeking treatment in a professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility can prove to be one of the most beneficial steps in taking back control of your life. Don’t allow the voice of addiction to win! Get help today!

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Addiction is a disease; one of mind, body, and spirit. With over 40 years of experience treating the chemically dependent person, Clearbrook Treatment Centers can offer you a solution to your drug and/or alcohol problem. From our state-of-the-art detox unit to a customized addiction treatment program, you will be given the opportunity to begin the journey of recovery. Contact our Admissions Specialists today for further information.




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