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President Obama and recording artist Macklemore met recently to discuss addiction and the toll it is taking on our nation. Macklemore, who is famously known for his song “Thrift Shop,” has battled his own personal addiction and has suffered the loss of friends to prescription overdoses, something he mentions in his message with the President.

During the weekly address, the two spoke about the opioid crisis we face as a country and the ways of combating the epidemic. President Obama and Macklemore both agree addiction is a disease that we all face. Addiction is non-discriminatory and can affect anyone, no matter race, color, creed, age or social class. This video was released the same day President Obama asked Congress to pass a $1.1 billion bill, one which is designed to fight the heroin epidemic America currently faces. The hope is that this bill will make appropriate resources and treatment options available to those that suffer with an opioid addiction.

In Pennsylvania, we are seeing a dramatic increase in heroin overdose-related deaths. Clearbrook has been fighting this disease in all its forms for more than 40 years. Death does not need to be the only way out of this disease; we have a better way.

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