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It is not news to anyone that addicts and alcoholics are dying every day from overdose and other drug related injuries. Nevertheless, it may be surprising to know that New Jersey has some of the highest overdose death rates, compared to other states.

As of 2014, reports concluded that the “Garden State” surpassed the national overdose rate by 3 times, totaling a per capita rate of 8.3 fatalities per 100,000 people. Furthermore, over 28,000 people sought drug treatment in NJ in 2014.

In hopes to combat this issue, NJ will be proposing a new bill that allows for addicts to turn their narcotics into local police stations and not face arrest. Rather, these individuals will be referred to drug treatment. This plan mirrors similar efforts of Gloucester County, MA and Potter County, PA.

An excerpt of the bill reads:

“Increasing access to treatment without fear of arrest or law enforcement action is essential to persuade those who suffer from addiction to receive the treatment they need. The establishment of law enforcement assisted addiction and recovery programs would provide additional support necessary to assist many of those who need treatment by encouraging those suffering from heroin and opioid addiction to seek recovery.”

The bill is up for a full vote today, Monday June 27, 2016, and must still be approved by Governor Chris Christie.

With death rates hitting staggering numbers across the nation, each state is beginning to finally give drug addiction the attention it needs. From proposing bills such as this, to prescription monitoring, to allocating funds within state budgets for new treatment resources, it seems as though legislatures are recognizing addiction as a disease, and doing whatever they can to fight against it.

Clearbrook Offers Drug Treatment For New Jersey Residents

At Clearbrook, we know and understand the toll and devastation that heroin addiction can create. It not only destroys the individual, but also causes chaos among their loved ones, friends and even co-workers.

For over 40 years, Clearbrook has treated addicts and alcoholics from neighboring states such as New York and New Jersey. Our facility is located in the heart Northeastern Pennsylvania, making us a great option for NJ residents.

Clearbrook, being only a car ride away from New Jersey, gives our patients the opportunity to heal and treat their addiction far enough away from home. You’re more likely to be overwhelmed by temptations of old habits and lifestyles the closer you are to home. We give you the chance to concentrate fully on your recovery efforts, in a peaceful, serene environment. Visiting is also easily accessible for family members.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a heroin or opiate addiction and live in the state of New Jersey, keep Clearbrook in mind as a drug treatment provider. Contact our Admissions Specialists today for additional information.




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