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$20.4 Million Approved For Drug Treatment

Focusing on addiction and acquiring more resources for drug treatment has been the priority of Governor Wolf in 2016. In the past several months, he has attended 27 roundtable discussions in regards to fighting the drug epidemic.

During these roundtables, the Governor has heard from local treatment agencies, Senators and family members affected by addiction. The purpose has been to determine the best course of action going forward.

Drug addiction, especially the addiction to opioids, has escalated significantly across the state. Overdose numbers are on the rise, and we continue to lose people every day.

According to a recent study, overdose deaths increased 23% in a 12-month period in Pennsylvania. In 2014, 2,500 people lost their battle to addiction. That number grew to 3,400 in 2015.

With that being said, Governor Wolf’s mission is one of most importance right now.

Just as recent as last week, both the state and country have seen tremendous strides made by our lawmakers. Between the passage of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act and more funds being allocated in Pennsylvania for drug treatment, it appears we are heading in the right direction.

Although the Governor did not receive the $34 million he originally sought, the legislature approved up to an estimated $20.4 million to spend towards drug treatment.

These new allocations will go towards a multitude of different programs to fight heroin addiction and save more lives.

A majority of the funds are intended for the creation of Centers of Excellence, where the state looks to treat 4,500 new patients. These centers will manage teams that provide an array of different services and drug treatment.

The state is also requiring better prescription drug monitoring and has stationed drug take-back boxes across Pennsylvania to decrease the number of left over prescription narcotics.

Furthermore, new requirements are being put in place that when and if a patient admits to an emergency room for addiction issues, they are automatically referred to drug treatment professionals.

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