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My entire life is governed by heroin.  Every waking minute of every single day of my life.  In every minute that passes, half of that minute was spent thinking about heroin.  When I first wake up, my first thought has something to do with heroin and its rippling effect on my life. As I lay my head down at night…the last thought that I have before I try to sleep is heroin.

I hide everything in my house so that heroin can’t claim it; my wallet, checkbook, purse, and car keys are hidden at all times. Crazy as it may be,  I always hold on to one spare $20 bill in my wallet that can be taken because it hurts too much to see my loved one go through the withdrawals of this terrible demon.  I feel like I am going insane.

I can’t tell anyone the truth.  I go to work and do my best to hide the paralyzing fear that constantly occupies my mind.  I hope no one figures out that I am always, more or less, thinking about heroin, and wondering when my phone is going to ring with the bad news.  We can’t have any holidays at home anymore because heroin always comes first and always creates chaos.

I am always researching heroin.  I falsely convince myself after reading an article on the Internet that it isn’t as bad as I think.  The next second that feeling goes away and I am crippled again.  Heroin guides my life and everything in it.

Heroin has taken every good emotion and feeling from me.  I honestly don’t have any joy left in my life.  I feel like I die a little more as every day passes.  I hate living this way but I have no idea what to do.

Heroin is an explosive disaster that has decimated me, my family, and everyone around me.  Its tentacles reach far and wide.  The sad part is that I’ve never used heroin…but someone I love is.  It is taking their life and my life at the same time.


These stories are told by our neighbors, co-workers, and friends all the time.  Heroin not only takes the life of the person using it and destroys it, but it affects everyone around the addict and completely turns their lives inside out.  The power of this deadly poison is almost indescribable in words.

These are powerful stories.  When the addict has given up, and is trying to get clean and sober, it is stories like these that become their greatest assets.  When an addict is using, these stories mean nothing. The pain of facing the truth is too great, so they use more.

Addiction is a vicious, life-ending cycle.  Addiction knows no boundries.  Addiction is not finished until the addict dies or gets help.

Clearbrook Treatment Centers wants to be the hand that helps the struggling heroin addicts, and their families as well.  We have been treating heroin addiction for decades.  With a state of the art medical detox, we will help the person that wants to end their life of addiction to be as comfortable as possible with minimal withdrawal symptoms.  After detox, our patients move on to our inpatient rehabilitation program to complete their 28-day treatment.  During this imperative phase of treatment, our patients learn about the disease of addiction.  They are given a skill set that will enable them to walk through the trials of life without needing to get high to get through it.

The families of our patients are just as important.  We host a Family Education program designed specifically for the family members and loved ones.  Here you will learn about addiction but more importantly you will learn how to cope with addiction and also the recovery process.  It is a fact that when the addict recovers with their loved ones walking beside them, the process works faster and works better.

If you are ready to ask for help, Clearbrook Can Offer Hope.

Call us at 1-800-582-6241 to speak with one of our Admissions Specialists today.

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